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DIY Beauty Hacks with Fruit Peels
Every time we eat a fruit we end up throwing away the peels but did you know fruit peels have so many rich nutrients that can actually help our skin to rejuvenate and get that glow we always chase for. There are numerous easy ways to make your own skin care products by using fruit peels. Here are few of them curated for you.
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Upcycled Gift Wrapping ideas for Christmas
Christmas is right around the corner and while its the most wonderful time of the year, its not the most environment friendly. The festive season is traditionally the period of peak consumption, when we go all out on gifts and celebrations which results in the potential of wasted food, unwanted p...
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REFASH Flimsy Plastic bags into a Reusable Bag
Plastic bags, especially the flimsy polyethylene bags that we are all so familiar with are notoriously hard to recycle. In fact, while the percentage of plastic recycled globally is 8-9%, the percentage of plastic bags recycled is dramatically lower at 1-3%. It is also the type of plastic with th...
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5 ways to REFASH Old Curtains
Are your curtains too old and you feel like getting new ones ? Maybe you just want to redecorate your house and the old curtains just don’t match with your theme anymore. In most cases we end up discarding the old curtains but why waste all that beautiful fabric that will eventually end up in a l...
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5 ways to REFASH Diyas for Diwali
The essence of festive seasons is in the merry lighting and Diyas have always been a very important part of our Diwali celebrations. In the light of making this festive season greener and conscious for you, we are sharing different ways you could upcycle your own Diyas!
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We have curated some ideas on how you can use different kinds of tins like food tins, Sweets tins, Soda cans, Oil tins, basically all kinds of tins into something fun for home décor. These tins can be used as planters, organisers, storage boxes or simply art for your walls. We make all this happe...
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