Upcycled Gift Wrapping ideas for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and while its the most wonderful time of the year, its not the most environment friendly. The festive season is traditionally the period of peak consumption, when we go all out on gifts and celebrations which results in the potential of wasted food, unwanted presents and a great deal of unnecessary packaging.

Did you know that 27,000 miles of wrapping paper is used every year in the U.K, most of which can’t be recycled due to glitter or metallic finishes. We have added a few upcycling ideas to gift wrap your presents this Christmas which are eco-friendly, affordable and cute at the same time. 


Who would think a gift wrapped in simply newspaper and twine could look this pretty. You could even add couple of Christmas berries or dry flowers to add the colour and festive vibes.

( Image Credits - Stocksy )


Furoshiki Wrap

You can use a scarf, tea towel, t-shirt (or any other fabric gift) to wrap another gift. The Japanese call this origami-esque fabric wrapping furoshiki.

 ( Video Credits - Ulla ) 


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Tote Bag 

A tote bag is a perfect gift for your christmas gifts so that nothing from your packaging also goes to waste. You can make your own using any excess fabric at home or even a t-shirt or buy an eco friendly one. Find more tote bags here.

      (  Image Credits - Pomogrenade )


Burlap Gift Bags

Burlap is a very interesting material to repurpose for your christams gift wrapping if your aesthetic is natural and chic at the same time. If you want more adorable wrapping ideas from Burlap, check this out.

( Image Credits - Pinterest )


Toilet Paper Rolls

This is the easiest and quickest DIY gift box you will make. No scissors, glue, or tools required! Just 4 folds and you are done. 

 ( Image Credits - Rabbit Food )

Old Sweaters

You can repurpose your sweaters to create cozy gift bags in less than 15 minutes. See the tutorial here.

( Image Credits - Organized31 )


Block Print Gift Paper

A beautiful floral pattern gift wrapping paper made out of reused/ upcycled newspaper with block print designs. Tap on the image below to shop the paper.

( Image Credits - The Second Life )



Explore more DIYs here from Refash.
Discover upcycled gifts to buy here.

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