Reusable Towels with Fabric Scraps

We all need towels at home, for almost everything. Right from towels for the kitchen to bathrooms, for doing dishes, cleaning, dusting, drying our hands after washing them or simply wiping away dirty stains on floors. We often use single use paper towels however, we all know that is not as sustainable for our planet. Using a reusable towel is a great way to eliminate the use of single use paper towels that will just be thrown away after every use. It also saves you money to buy towels, you can actually use these for years.

You can buy reusable towels from the market but we wanted to go a step further and show you how you can create them on your own by using fabric scraps.

Materials Required

  • Fabric Scraps
  • Thread, Pins and a sewing machine (for a no-sew option, use hemming tape)
  • Scissors
  • Iron Ruler


Fabric scraps: Use any fabric scraps at your home. You can use old t-shirts, old hand towels, leftover scraps from your crafts, you can use pretty much any fabric you have on hand – as long as it absorbs liquids in some capacity. No need to go out and buy fabrics. It saves money to use scraps and cuts down on the waste you have created by reusing something you already have.


1. Measure and cut.

Take two cloth pieces. Measure 10” x 15” fabric (this can be an absorbent piece and a linen, two absorbent fabrics, etc – again, just use whatever you have on hand). Then cut.

If you don’t have enough, you can do different measurements. Just make sure your two sides are the same size. 

2. Pin the two fabric pieces together and sew.

Put your sides face to face and pin along the edge. Sew all sides 1/4” from the edge but be sure to leave a small gap to turn the towel inside out!

No sew alternate : If you don’t want to sew-you can also use a hemming tape to stick the two fabrics together. Cut 3 pieces of hemming tape long enough for each side. Put your pieces face to face with the hemming tape just on the edge.

3. Cut the corners.

Cut the corners so that when you flip the towel inside out, the corners lay nice and flat.

4. Flip inside out and sew the hole closed.

Flip the towel inside out and iron along the edges. Now, you can sew the hole closed. Be sure to get as close to the edge as possible. For a cleaner look, you can hand stitch this closed.

No sew alternate : Fold in the bottom side that was left open and put hemming tape between the two pieces of fabric. Iron to close. Allow to cool completely before using!

And you are done. It’s that easy! Do give this a try and share with us your creation. 

Tip : Make multiple towels and keep them separate according to different activities you use them for. Wash them how you would wash any other cloth item. 



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Content & Image Credits: Papernstictch blog

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