5 Upcycled Face Mask Tutorials that you can make at home

Covid 19 has got the world to a standstill, forcing all of us to stay at home and take precautions to keep yourself safe from getting infected. But with every bad situation comes something good, this pandemic has given our mother nature time to heal itself, something that we as humans were failing to look after. This has led to a decrease in pollution and carbon gas emissions. It has also shown the difference that communities can make when they look out for each other. 

The virus is usually transmitted from one person to another person through sneezing, coughing or interacting with them. It is therefore important to cover your mouth, nose and maintain a social distance from everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are infected or not, Its advisable to wear a mask every time you leave to the house to protect yourself from the virus. It is not only for your safety but also for the safety and well being of others. 

We have compiled a list of tutorials to create your own upcycled face masks from the things already available at your home without creating more waste for the planet. Face masks are anticipated to become more than an essential in the coming months, so lets be more conscious and try to reuse what we already have. 

No Sew Bandana Face Mask

Here’s an easy way to #refash a face mask. All you need is a bandana and hair ties. This DIY is ideal for someone who isn't comfortable with sewing.


No Sew T-shirt Face Mask

Here is another quick way to DIY your mask by upcycling an old t-shirt that has been in your wardrobe but you dont wear it anymore for some reason. So here’s a solution to upcycle that t-shirt into a face mask. Here are 2 different no-sew ideas for making the face mask. 


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No-Sew Sock Mask

You can simply make a mask out of a sock and a pair of scissors in less than 5 minutes. 


Sew Pocket Mask

This face mask comes with a pocket to add a filter. It is different yet easy. All you need is a 7x17 fabric, hair band or ribbon, scissors, sewing kit/machine, filter and basic sewing skills. 


Shirt Face Mask

Upcycling can be exciting especially when done with your kids. You can now twin your mask with your kid by upcycling an old shirt. Check out this video to DIY and make your mask with your kid during quarantine. 


No Sew - No Elastic Face Mask

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer masks having elastic, then here’s one you can make of your own.  All you need is an old piece of fabric, paper, pen and a pair of scissors.

You don’t need to sew, it's simple yet effective.


 Some important pointers to keep in mind regarding a face mask-

  1. Wash the fabric, garment that you are going to use before and after making the mask.
  2. Do not share your mask with others.
  3. Wash your mask thoroughly with water and a disinfectant after every use.
  4. Do not leave your used masks next to children and old aged people.


Try out these DIY’s and share them with your friends or make one together virtually and tag us @refash_ on Instagram when you make your upcycled masks. 


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