Upcycled utensil case by Laura Konieczny

Zero Waste Your Life is the heart project of Laura Konieczny. It's a blog on achieving a zero waste lifestyle where she talks about how you can live a conscious life by making consumption decisions that have a positive impact on the environment. It stands for freedom, joy and sustainability. Laura believes that by simple changes in our life and work routines, we can change the world - bit by bit.

She suggests one method that has fundamentally changed her shopping habits.

Ask yourself about any part you own or want to buy: "Does it spark joy?"

Is it fun for me? Does it enrich my life? If the answer is yes, keep it and enjoy it. If the answer is no, ask yourself, why do you still want to own it? Is it perhaps better for someone else who actually uses it? She aims to raise awareness and improve quality of life with the content she creates on her blog.

To inspire more people to take steps on a path to a sustainable life full of joy and ease, Laura hosts Workshops and lectures regularly in and around Berlin and even runs a podcast in regards to Sustainability and Feel Good Concepts, simple changes in everyday life one can make to avoid waste, save money and make your life more attentive. 

As a part of #REFASHinBerlin to cover all things that are synonymous with the conscious fashion movement in the city, Laura shares a tutorial on how to make a zero waste cutlery pouch to carry your own reusable cutlery. This can be made from a piece of clothing waiting to be upcycled. 

The step by step tutorial is mentioned below-

1. Pick a large piece of cotton fabric.

2. Measure the fabric. To measure the width, place all the utensil you’d like to carry later on on the fabric with about 0,5 cm distance. For the height add about 15-18cm to the highest utensil.

3. Double fold the fabric or use another piece of fabric of the same size you just estimated.

4. Place a string (about 20cm) between both pieces of fabric on one of the smaller sides.

5. Sew all edges together.

6. Fold about 10-12cm of the lower part up. Make seems from bottom to top to fix it and to create little pockets for your utensils.

7. Fill utensil case, roll up, close by using the string.


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