5 ways to REFASH Newspapers

Repurposing old things into new is our favourite activity. This time we are talking newspapers. As per the International Institute for Environment and Development, The average worldwide annual paper consumption is 48kg per person. We all have a stack of newspapers lying around the house. Instead of throwing all that paper away you can reuse them to make something that's crafty and conscious too. 

Here are 5 ways how you can REFASH old newspapers. 

1. Newspaper Coasters

Materials Required: Old Newspapers, Scissors, Glue, Paper clip.

  • Cut long strips of newspapers of ¼ inch in width and flatten the same.
  • Smear the glue all over the strip and stick the edge. Create as many strips as possible before you begin the rolling process. 
  • Apply the glue on the side of the strip and using the paper clip, roll the strip along with it. 
  • The paper clip would help it to keep the center intact. Keep sticking all the strips one after the other in a smooth fashion. 
  • Continue wrapping the strips depending on how big the coaster you want to have. Once done, ensure you dry the coaster overnight before you begin using it.


( Source: The Champa Tree )


2. Newspaper Toss Bouquet

Materials Required: Newspapers, Scissors, Hot glue gun, Floral cloth wire, Ribbon.

  • Gather the materials for creating the toss bouquet. Select a color of ribbon that matches your bridal picks or stay neutral with a pop of white or cream.
  • Cut a circle from the newspaper around eight to 12 inches in circumference. Now cut a spiral into the circle, allowing at least an inch border around the cut.
  • Starting from the outside edge, begin rolling the paper, continuing until you reach the centre.
  • Place the rolled paper flower flat on your work surface and allow it to unroll a bit. You can even press down on the edges of the paper to create curled petals.
  • Place a round of hot glue at the base of the flower and press.
  • To create the stem for the flower, slightly angle the end of a floral cloth wire and secure with a dot of hot glue. Cover the exposed wire with a small piece of torn newspaper.
  • Continue making flowers until you have a nice bouquet. Bunch them together into an arrangement and then use one of the cloth wires to wrap around the stems, securing the bouquet in place. Trim the ends from the wires using scissors.
  • Wrap the paper flowers with a length of ribbon and secure with a bit of hot glue. Your homemade newspaper toss bouquet is ready!


  ( Source: Pop Sugar )


3. Newspaper Bracelet

Materials required: Newspaper, Scissors, Color paper, Glue and Tape.

  • Fold half the newspaper and roll it tightly.
  • Secure it firmly with a tape. 
  • Cut the colored paper into specific shapes of your choice and stick it on the newspaper using the glue.
  • Measure the wrist and then cut the length of the newspaper bracelet accordingly and tape it firmly so that it sits on the wrist rightly.


( Source: The Champa Tree )


4. Newspaper Bag

Materials required: Newspaper, scissors, rules, glue, thin jute rope/ any thin rope for handles.

Here's a video tutorial to make your own Newspaper Bag which can be a great alternative for single use plastic bags. 

5. Newspaper Plant Pot

 Materials required: Newspaper, Can, Tape, Seedling.

  • Tear a single sheet of newspaper in half and fold in thirds.
  • Wrap the paper around the can about 1/4" from the top edge.  Not too tight -- you're going to have to slip it off.
  • Secure with tape.
  • Fold the bottom edge in. Keep folding until it's completely packed.
  • Secure with tape and slip it off the can.
  • Fill the pots with dirt,keep the seedlings moist, not soggy, until they're ready to plant and no time you will see it grow.


 ( Source: Dabbles & Babbles )



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