We have curated some ideas on how you can use different kinds of tins like food tins, Sweets tins, Soda cans, Oil tins, basically all kinds of tins into something fun for home décor.

These tins can be used as planters, organisers, storage boxes or simply art for your walls. We make all this happen through the art of upcycling. It turns out to be beautiful, budget friendly and environmentally friendly and each one adds a personal touch to your home.

Step 1: Save your cans. Don’t throw them away!
Step 2: Find paint, paper sheets, glue, ropes, scissors, waste wood, fabrics, hangers, old wrapping papers, newspapers or anything crafty you have lying around the house. You can always go to a secondhand store or ‘Kabadiwalas’ to find wood and other items.
Step 3: Time to create and have fun with it.


Use glue to make designs and patterns on the can and then paint over it with contrasting colours that will look good with your house theme. This will give a nice texture to your house. In case you don’t have glue you can simply paint as well. Go all out with your favourite colours and patterns.

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Take old scrap papers lying around the house or buy paper in fun patterns. Cut the paper and attach to the can with glue.


You can go outside and find interesting rocks, or buy some at a craft store. Then glue them to the outside with hot glue or super glue (depending on the weight of the rock). This particular planter will blend in especially well with outside spaces.


Wrap the whole can with twine, ribbon or yarn, securing it with glue.


Simply find an old top with some embroidery on it, or a net cloth, fabric waste and cut it in a way that it covers the whole can including the bottom. You can tie bows over it or stick stones, old buttons etc. Use them as art piece or a storage box for your beauty items.


Find an empty tin can of your desired size. Tape on a pattern to make the drilling easy then make evenly spaced holes in the can. Use a 5 inch piece of wire hanger to make a simple handle. Bend the ends of the handle then attach to the can using pliers to bend and crimp the wire. You can leave the lanterns their original metal color or paint them white. Add candles or battery operated lights and enjoy your tin lanterns!

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Wall hanging

Drill holes in the sides, insert a piece of rope and tie the ends on the inside. Use tape and spray the cans in a diagonal pattern to match your home decor. Once the paint is dry and the ropes are attached plant your herbs.


Use them to cover up the tin. We always have disorganized clutter in our homes. These can turn out to be beautiful organisers to keep all your ‘stuff’.


Wall candle holder

We sometimes get indian sweets in smaller cans which can easily be turned out into something beautiful. Wrap the can with handmade, printed paper, tie it with a rope and place it your wall. Then put the battery candles inside it and see the magic happen. These look really good on a porch or balcony where you can switch them on and enjoy your evening tea. Can you feel the good vibes just like us?


Once you’re finished decorating, carefully poke a few holes in the bottom of the can using a hammer and a nail, and place a handful of pebbles or glass stones in the bottom of the can to help with drainage.


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Hope you try them out. There is always room to improvise. Play around with different colours and patterns to add your own personal touch to these upcycling techniques. The end result is so fulfilling and wait till you hear all the compliments.


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