#donttrashitrefashit Campaign - Fashion Revolution Week

‘The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe’, said Orsola De Castro, the co-founder of Fashion Revolution. 

In conjunction with Fashion Revolution Week 2020, we at REFASH, dedicated the week of April 20th - April 26th to the #donttrashitrefashit campaign. The aim of the campaign was to encourage people to re-look into their wardrobes and find pieces that they don’t like or wear anymore and turn them into new, refash’d garments. 

It was a delight to see so many people become a part of this movement and giving inspiration to others to make better, conscious fashion choices. We don't always need new clothes to make new outfits, said Lily Fulop.



Since most of us are spending a lot of time at home, exploring new activities. Give  the old, discarded, out of trend clothes a second life with upcycling. We are sharing 3 simple & fun DIYs from the #donttrashitrefashit campaign that you can easily try at home with the pieces already existing in your wardrobe.

1. Bikini Set out of a T-shirt

Lingerie has a major environmental impact due to the materials involved to give it a stretch. A great alternative is to make your own set from an old t-shirt that you don't wear anymore but still love the colour or the print. 

You can make a yarn by refashing your t-shirts as well, the yarn can be further used for a variety of home decor and other projects including bags, rugs, bathmats, and coasters. Find the steps here. 


 2. Bandeau Top from Trousers

Penny refash'd a pair of floral trousers to make a bandeau top which is a great inspiration project for all those Bottoms you no longer wear because of a stain or a dysfunctional zipper.  

3. Hairband out of Fabric Scraps

Laura Pifer shows an easy DIY on how to upcycle your textile waste into a cute hair band without any sewing. 



See more from from our campaign here. 

Find more DIY's here. 

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