5 ways to REFASH Old Curtains

Are your curtains too old and you feel like getting new ones ? Maybe you just want to redecorate your house and the old curtains just don’t match with your theme anymore. In most cases we end up discarding the old curtains but why waste all that beautiful fabric that will eventually end up in a landfill giving rise to waste pollution. 

How about upcycle them into something new? A piece of fabric that big! You can make so much out of it. We have curated a few easy ways in which you can repurpose your old curtains.

Drawstring Laundry Bag

Keep organized and in style by making an upcycled drawstring laundry bag as decorative as it is functional. Use it for daily laundry, a vacation staple or give it away a housewarming gift for those headed off to dorm living or a first apartment.

See the full tutorial here to make this minimalistic striped laundry bag. 

 ( Image Credits - Tim & Mary Vidra )

Face Masks

We are living in a time where face masks are a necessity. Instead of buying new masks you can simply use the old curtain fabrics to create masks for your entire family or community. 


( Shop upcycled masks here )


Fabric Bulletin Board 

This is the easiest and the prettiest idea to reuse your old curtains. Wrap an unframed cork board with the curtain fabric, cut so it’s an inch or two longer on each side than the board. Use spray adhesive, craft glue, or even upholstery tacks or thumbtacks to secure the fabric on the back. This makes the best bulletin board for your wall. 

See the full tutorial here.

 ( Image Credits - Driven by Decor )


Teepee / Reading Nook 

This is probably one of the easiest and most useful DIYs ever made, specially in 2020 where we are spending most of your times at home.  It’s simple and easy to make using only 4 materials and the best part is both kids and adults will love this!

 ( Video by Roxy James ) 

Fabric Covered Hangers 

Clothes often keep slipping off our regular hangers and also look too boring. Brighten them up by wrapping them in fabric. Cut old curtains into long, thin strips. Start at the hook (or skip the hook and start near the hook joint) and use masking tape to adhere the starting end to the hanger. Wrap strips around the hanger, taping down the ends of each piece as you go and wrapping the next strip to cover the tape. When you get back to where you started, tie and knot the strip to keep the final end in place. The end result will be so beautiful! you won’t ever want to buy a new hanger again.

Check out an easy way to make these hangers here.

 ( Image credits- More like Grace )

Chair Cover

Adding a slipcover to your chair instead of buying new ones is a great way to give your living room a makeover without spending anything, specially if you make it from your curtains. And with the extra fabric that you will save, you can make matching throw pillows as well. 

See the full tutorial here. 

( Image Credits- Tatertota & Jello )



Who knew there was so much you can do with your old curtains! Don’t let them go to waste and also have fun while saving the money and the environment. Which one are you going to try first?

Share with us your creations by using the #donttrashitrefashit. 


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