Relove & Refash

We initiated the campaign, Relove & Refash to support the Fashion Revolution Week.

With this campaign, we want you to look into your wardrobes and find the old, never worn pieces that you haven’t taken out in a long time {we all have a bunch of those, don’t we?}. Take them out and try to re-love them. You can mend or repair the piece, upcycle it or just style it differently. By putting in the effort to repair and/or repurpose these pieces, you will create a new bond with them and hopefully wear them more often.

We are sharing different ideas on how you can refash various pieces in your wardrobe to give them a new life and relove them.


Mending is something that has always been a part of our history, passed on by our grandmothers and mothers. 

Next time you find a piece in your wardrobe that has a hole or a food stain, #refash it with a patch or an embroidery. This will hopefully create a new bond and you’ll wear them more often. 


(A little heart to make it into a one of a kind jeans)


Upcycling is one of the ways to relove your wardrobe that we really believe in. Sometimes there are pieces in our wardrobe which we don't wear for its cut or shape but still love the print and color of it, those pieces can be #upcycled into a new product to elongate its life cycle and rewear it for many more times.

The back pack shown below is made from a sari in collaboration with NGO's where underprivileged women are trained with tailoring and embroidery. 

(Photo Credits- I was a sari)


 One of the prime reasons we don’t wear pieces from our wardrobe is due to its fit and that can be easily fixed by going to a local tailor or altering it by yourself.

(A man’s shirt tailored into a crop shirt and hair band) 


Dyeing at home is another way to #refash pieces in your wardrobe if they are stained, faded or if you are simply looking for a different look. It can be done with various fruits and vegetables like strawberries, beets, lemon or red onions. 

Still garments uses kitchen waste and plant dyes which is homegrown at her garden to dye her fabrics naturally. 

(Photo Credits- Still garments)


Restyling a piece will inspire you to think of it from a different perspective. 
Invest in staples that you can restyle over and over with time and various occasions to create new outfits. 

We have styled a thrift-ed shirt in a couple of ways for your outfit inspirations. 

1. The shirt is styled as a layer over a denim skirt and a classic tee. Tie it on the waist as we did or wear it as a shirt jacket. 

2. The shirt is styled as a one shoulder shirt with the classic black jeans.

3. The shirt is belted over a dress in the same colour palette for a monochrome look.

4. The shirt is styled as a button down tube top where the sleeves are turned into a belt.

(One shirt, Multiple ways)


So next time before buying anything new, try to create something new from the old, unused pieces in your wardrobe by repairing, dyeing, restyling, and mainly reloving them.

Tag us on Instagram when you refash your pieces, we would love to see and share them. 


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