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Ten sustainability terms you must know in 2021

"Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It's about doing more good" said Jochen Zeitz and we couldn't agree more!

To celebrate Earth Day, 2021, we have put together a list of terms that you must know in order to make better choices in 2021.

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Upcycling across different sectors

Upcycling has gained a lot of momentum in Fashion in the past few years but there are various other sectors that have been practising this art of creating treasure from trash. Here’s a brief overview of how upcycling is being incorporated in different sectors.


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Our picks for May - TED Talks
The world of fashion is constantly changing, especially now, as consumers get more educated about the reality of fast fashion and over consumption. We have curated a list of TED Talks featuring some of these individuals and their progressive thoughts on sustainability, repurposing, slow fashion & conscious consumption. 
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REFASH x Shuffling Suitcases
In January 2020, we collaborated with Shuffling Suitcases to introduce an upcycling service at one of their pop-ups. In this service, customers got to experience the joy of creating a #refash’d product out of something pre-existing ✨ We had sourced a bunch of pre-loved saris with beautiful vinta...
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REFASH x Unplugged
We collaborated with TEDxGateway to create an upcycled art piece made completely using tiny bits of textile waste from the garment industry for their Unplugged event that happened in Mumbai, India a few months back. This installation was made to literally nudge people and make them re-think abou...
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Choi So Young - Upcycling Artist
Choi So Young is a contemporary Korean artist who creates urban landscape compositions made from discarded/old denims found in second-hand shops. Every button, seam, pocket, and belt loop of the jeans find its place to depict a specific detail of a picture like a street, a window or a building. 
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