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On average each person has 5 garments in their wardrobe waiting to be mended but leading the tracks of fast-fashion is making replacement of garments with newer garments an easy choice.

Lulu O’Connor aims to create an alternate to this continuous disposal of clothing with her startup - Clothes Doctor. She says, “It is okay to spend more on repairing the same item over and over again than you did on the item in the first place if it means you’re wearing something you love and not contributing more waste.”

This thought led to the creation of Clothes Doctor, UK - the first online clothing repairs, alterations and customising company. They make repair and alterations of your clothes as easy as buying new ones at the convenience of sitting at your own home.

Process -

Clothes Doctor follows a simple process where the garments to be fixed can be picked up by the couriers from any doorstep of London, taken to the seamstress of the company and returned in a ready to wear condition in less than a week that too in environmentally friendly, reusable canvas bags - no plastic sleeves ending up in landfills too. They also recycle all leftover fabric.

They provide services like replacement of broken zips, moth holes, lengthening dresses and eco friendly cleaning along with the pricing to ensure the customers know beforehand how much are they spending.

(Images: Clothes Doctor, UK)

Vision -

Along with the idea of re-wearing your favourites pieces with a bit of repair and rework to extend its life for years, O’Connor wants to empower customers not to feel they have to buy garments in their size and in the long run wants to team up with online luxury boutiques so that when an item is sold out in a customer’s size they can choose to alter it to their size before reaching it to them.

Why we love the concept -

We, at REFASH, feel that Clothes Doctor is a novel alternative for customers who want to make their clothes last longer but don't know how to. It’s a quick & easy go-to option for discarded garments that need repair or mending. In the age where buying newer garments is as cheap as getting your old ones repaired, it has become more of a necessity to love your clothes longer due to the footprints of the fast fashion industry on our lives and the planet.



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