REFASH x Unplugged

We collaborated with TEDxGateway to create an upcycled art piece made completely using tiny bits of textile waste from the garment industry for their Unplugged event that happened in Mumbai, India a few months back.

This installation was made to literally nudge people and make them re-think about the current consumption habits and how making small, individual conscious choices will impact & benefit the planet and the people.




Designed by Swati Soharia, an upcycling artist who created this logo in association with Refash received a lot of appreciation for the creative reuse of waste and how waste is undervalued while its full potential is yet to be explored especially the textile waste. 

The garment industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. And it's all because we, the consumers, cannot stop buying clothes.

Do we really need so many clothes in our wardrobe? Do we really need to go crazy during sales at fashion stores? 

Let us start simple. Let's just stop and ask ourselves, three questions before buying anything new from today on -

  1. Is this something that I need? 
  2. Who has made it? 
  3. What will the garments’ life be after I have used it?






Photo & Video: Ajay Jaiswal.

Video Edit: Ramakrishnan.



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