Christmas Gifting: Our affordable picks for a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and we can’t help but think of all the things that make this festival so special. The atmosphere of celebration, meeting family & friends, lots of good food & of course plenty of Christmas presents!

The concept of Christmas or Holiday shopping brings out shoppers like no other time of the year with people all around the world indulging in buying presents for people they love. If you're one of those who is enthusiastic about Christmas but is looking for ways to minimise the excessive waste that comes with the holiday, we have the perfect holiday guide for you.

Gift your friends and family one of these upcycled Christmas presents that are made with preloved materials, thereby reducing the amount of waste that ends up on the landfill - 

1. Double layer bracelet by Vie

Vie is the world's first sustainable jewellery brand that utilises natural buttons and clothing toggles to make upcycled jewelery pieces for the conscious consumer.

Their double layered chain bracelet will make for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, mother or sister. It is an elegant bracelet that can be worn as a single layer for the day or stacked with other pieces of jewelery for an evening out. It is made out of Nickel Free Brass with production surplus sea shell buttons. It's available in Gold & Silver both. 

 2. Passport Case by Inai

Inai is an upcycling brand that crafts timeless leather pieces using pure discarded Italian / Indian leathers, handmade by skilled artisans in their studio.

This compact compact passport case is made with post industrial Italian leather. A perfect gift for a frequent traveller to keep the passports and cards organised with an array of colour options to pick from. 



3. Fle Pouch by Cancelled Plans

Cancelled Plans is a contemporary fashion brand that creates classic and contemporary bags, purses and clutches made out of rejected material like aluminium, plastic and flex. 

This unisex pouch has been handcrafted using billboard printing waste by local jute artisans. This would make for the ideal gift for that friend who loves to experiment with their style, yet staying true to their aesthetic.

4. Embroidered Travelogue by The Second Life

The Second Life is a lifestyle brand that uses various pre-existing materials like discarded paper, newspaper, tyres, waste film, political posters to create multi purpose products for the conscious consumer.

This embroidered planner is for the quintessential workaholic who loves to organise their cluttered mind into to-do lists and organise their day. The artwork on the diary is inspired by the traditional form of Kasuti embroidery and the inside lining is made out of upcycled tyre tubes. The cover is made with recycled polyester felt and the embroidery is done with discarded threads. It has sections inside for adding notes and post it's and is available in five distinct colours. 




5. Blissful Bag by Dwij

Dwij is a unqiue brand that uses pre-existing denim materials to create multi functional unisex products like backpacks, duffel bags, utility bags, handbags, jewellery, home decor and other accessory products.

Their blissful bag is a multipurpose shoulder bag made out of post-industrial denim which is perfect for your shopping, travel and office needs. Gift this bag to someone who likes simple yet functional pieces.

For those of you who don't want to shop this Christmas, but still want to have a good celebration, here's want we have for you - 



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