Bridgett Artise, the upcycling artist's journey

About Bridgett Artise:

Vintage upcycler and sustainable fashion guru, Bridgett Artise, breathes new life into vintage pieces by upcycling them into modern, contemporary and chic outfits. Her belief in second chances led to do the launch of her clothing line, Born Again Vintage, almost two decades ago. By mixing contemporary clothing with elements of vintage pieces, she creates one-of-a-kind garments that are both trend setting and timeless.

Her creativity and designs are a true portrayal of what upcycling stands for - an extension of the past into the future.

Just like her clothes, she reinvents, reuses and recycles her skills in new and beautiful ways taking her beyond the boundaries of being just a designer. She is a published author of two popular books - Born Again Vintage & 27 Dresses; she is a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and IFA Paris; and most importantly, she is a mother of two beautiful children. She is also an event planner, sustainability mentor, fashion collaborator and a YouTube teacher.

Her brand, Born Again Vintage, is dedicated to making sustainable fashion as common as fast fashion. Through consultations, workshops, classes and custom orders, Born Again Vintage is bringing sustainability to the forefront of fashion and keeping as many garments as possible out of the landfill. 


 (Black & White skirt and jacket set by Born Again Vintage)


The following timeline depicts Bridgett Artise's unique journey in sustainability which touches upon many different arenas including designing, writing, teaching to name a few - 



What's next for Bridgett Artise:

Bridgett will be teaching a short course - "Upcycling Fashion" at IFA Paris starting October 2020 where the students will discover a unique way of reusing previously un-wearable items or old clothing and learn how to create a more sustainable way of shopping, creating and thinking. 

Bridgett is also set to launch the "House of BAV" in September 2019 - a one stop place for all things sustainable in New York City.


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