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Button Danglers

Rs. 1,232.50 Rs. 1,450.00

Hex open wrist cuff

Rs. 2,541.50 Rs. 2,990.00

Hex open ring

Rs. 2,456.50 Rs. 2,890.00
Sale Sold out Mother of pearl necklace - REFASH

Mother of pearl necklace

Rs. 2,278.00 Rs. 2,680.00

Double open ring

Rs. 2,057.00 Rs. 2,420.00
Sale Sold out Petite earrings - REFASH

Petite earrings

Rs. 1,521.50 Rs. 1,790.00
Sale Sold out Pumbaa's pendant necklace - REFASH

Pumbaa's pendant necklace

Rs. 2,099.50 Rs. 2,470.00
Sale Sold out Tiny Hoop earrings - REFASH

Tiny Hoop earrings

Rs. 2,456.50 Rs. 2,890.00
Sale Sold out Pumbaa's detachable button studs - REFASH

Pumbaa's detachable button studs

Rs. 2,975.00 Rs. 3,500.00
Sale Sold out Petite pendant necklace - REFASH

Petite pendant necklace

Rs. 1,232.50 Rs. 1,450.00