Sins: Sustainable Menswear and Unisex Apparel


Sins is a sustainable fashion brand based in Bangalore, specialising in custom menswear and unisex clothing. The brand was founded by Sindhu Sridhar after she graduated from the London College of Fashion. Her educational journey also included a menswear internship with a top brand in New York and a specialised course in Milan.

Sindhu's past experiences have had a significant impact, forming the basis of the Sins brand. It is a unique mix of her previous work, combined with her passion for design. Sins stands as an in-house, made-to-measure brand that honors the roots of Indian culture while blending them seamlessly with western inspirations.

Sins shines through its distinctive eco-friendly practices, such as upcycling pre-owned textiles like sarees and using factory surplus fabrics. The brand takes pride in valuing each fabric by repurposing it into one-of-a-kind pieces that are not only unique but also exclusive.

The menswear collections are designed to blend classical tailoring with modern design elements. This fusion results in versatile, stylish, and sustainable garments that fit well into a variety of wardrobes.


Each article of clothing from Sins is crafted with thoughtfulness and intention. The brand ensures that the fabrics used are consciously sourced, aiming to minimise their environmental impact. Sins takes pride in being "Made in India." Every garment sourced at Sins is handcrafted in India. In doing so, Sins not only contributes to ethical fashion but also supports local craftsmanship, making each piece truly special.

(Image: A Carpet Upcycled Into a Trench Coat)

Crafting unique pieces and made-to-order designs from upcycled sarees, surplus fabric, and unconventional materials like tablecloths, curtains, or carpets, Sins incorporates these creations into both its menswear and unisex collections. Each garment is distinguished by its visually striking aesthetics. The made-to-order model minimises waste, ensuring that every garment serves a purpose and finds a home. Sins challenges traditional norms and leads a fashion-forward movement, offering a stylish yet ethical alternative for the conscious consumer.


Sins' upcycled collection on Refash offers a unique range of menswear, including shirts and blazers in different styles. Notably, the collection features an extraordinary handcrafted lace shirt, which is upcycled from fabric originally intended for making tablecloths, and an upcycled floral shirt made from curtain fabric. This innovative approach to design not only gives new life to surplus material but also delivers one-of-a-kind fashion pieces designs to the fashion-conscious consumer. Click on the images below to shop from this upcycled collection.



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