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Though personal style is ever-evolving, our sartorial choices become almost reflexive around the age we begin to dress ourselves. Why do we like the things we like? Which trends will we try and which won’t we be caught dead in? Believers unite, and cynics stay for the ride – we’re talking jewellery that matches your zodiac personality. Whether you’re a fiery Aries, a laidback Pisces or simply a lover of beautiful adornments, a good accessory will never let you down.

The vivacious fire sign calls for a head-turner. Those who identify as Aries have no problem upping the ante when it comes to a great look. Their active and spontaneous personality requires minimum effort with maximum impact. Try bold, geometric shapes with a happy surprise of colour or texture and make your presence felt in every room.



Tauruses enjoy retail therapy and the finer things in life, but quality over quantity is their ultimate motto. Shopping for jewellery is an investment and value addition. Creatures of habit, they tend to lean towards well-crafted pieces that feel most like them. Perhaps an unconventional material is a good place to start the hunt.


Geminis lap up what’s hot and make it their own. Funky, offbeat, unafraid – their wardrobe has got it all, but there’s always room for just another... A loud earring, unique and irresistible, matches their larger-than-life persona. These acrylic cut-outs scream life-of-the-party and will dazzle just about anyone.


Intuitive and sensitive, an apt way of projecting Cancer sensibilities onto its aesthetic is by making ethical choices. Turn on the ‘granola’ girl with a refined earthy style rooted in simplicity. Pair soft earrings with any boho look to bring to life your running wild n’ free barefoot-in-the-grass fantasy.


An unquenchable thirst for life is sure to translate into big moves in the fashion department. Leos are creators, and see accessories as works of art. A single hero piece with sizeable proportions and eclectic elements will definitely speak to their soul. Let your inner-lion roar with our selection of animal print, mixed materials and all things experimental.


Structured silhouettes and a love of classics often give Virgos a bad reputation for playing it too safe. Stay within your comfort zone with a neutral palette but play up the details for an interesting take on your quintessentially picture-perfect get-up.


Peace and balance are qualities Libras strive for. Of the aesthetically inclined ruling planet, Venus, they surround themselves with beauty looking for symmetry and visual harmony. Gentle colours bring a calming presence to the feminine sign. Blush pinks and pale blues will complement your loving nature, centring your energy.


Scorpios enjoy a tough exterior all the while guarding a passionate personality. Classic, edgy pieces with depth are their best mates. Bring out your mysterious side with a moody accessory that’s dark and enticing. Is anything sexier than a good ol’ leather statement?


Take a page out of the Sagittarius playbook for a cool, free-spirited ensemble. It’s maximalism, without fear. Mix it up! Look for natural influences to satisfy the wanderlust aesthetic that feels like home. Pick these warm-toned beauties for optimistic days ahead.


Anything luxe will catch the eye of a Capricorn. Clean lines and a conservative approach to embellishing is the path most suited for the likes of this prim and proper sign. Appreciate fuss-free minimalist pieces that will add instant flair to your pre-existing power-dressing staples.


Dictators of taste, Aquarians have no business following the herd. In a land where faux-pas don’t exist lives the restless air sign that changes its mind, and then changes it again. Life is far from boring and they dress like they believe it! A whimsical print or pattern will feed into their abstract world, stimulating their need to stand out in a crowd.


The mystical, imaginative air sign – Pisces is a dreamer, if we’ve ever seen one. They’re drawn to the water, and with fish for a symbol, how could they not be. They liked to dress easy-breezy and not take themselves too seriously. With a warm personality, look for soothing hues of the sea in comforting jewellery that reflects a piece of you.



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