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Let's admit it, we've all enjoyed shopping from fast fashion brands at some point in our lives. Getting a printed maxi dress for a much awaited holiday that doesn't break our bank has had its' perks for sure. However, like Lucy Siegle said, “Fast Fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere, is paying.” Be it by denying fair wages to garment workers, or by sourcing low-grade materials - the industry makes sure that the “affordability” of their products is taken care of. 

With the advent of fast fashion giants like Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and more - we have become conditioned to the fact that fashion is supposed to be cheap. However, a garment which is made using sustainable practices can't be cheaper than buying a coffee! The prices of fast fashion pieces makes us wonder - 

  • How much were the garment workers paid?
  • Were good quality materials used for production?
  • Were the fabrics ethically sourced?

- and more. On the other side of the coin - some brands highly scale up their prices under the garb of "greenwashing", leaving the consumers confused and unsure of who to actually trust. The struggle is real, and we’re constantly working towards making it better, in the truest sense. 

In order to make the continual shift from fast fashion to slow and upcycled fashion easier for all clients - we did a fashion and lifestyle rendition of conscious swaps. Similar price range, similar styles and colours, same trends, but as opposed to the fast fashion picks, the Refash pieces are ethically made, fully upcycled and better for your skin, conscience and the planet! 

Conscious Swaps:

1. Nothing says classic and timeless like a crisp white shirt. The Candice Shirt (right) is a versatile, summertime staple made from poplin fabric that is ideal for both a work meeting as well as evening drinks with friends! 

(Left: Uniqlo; Right: Candice Shirt)


2. From hoarding LBDs to shifting to iconic Black Midis with High Slits, fashion really came a full circle. The Ivy Dress (right) will have you planning your next Europe trip in no time. With lace details and padded stitching, this dress is as effortless as it is stunning. 

(Left: Zara; Right: Ivy Dress)


3. What is summer if not comfortable, flowy maxi dresses in bold colours that make heads turn? The Elisa Dress (right) with its scoop neck and abstract print and striking hues is reminiscent of happy days by the beach with a morning margarita in hand. 

(Left: Zara; Right: Elisa Dress)
4. White straight fit trousers are a wardrobe staple and can dress up any outfit within seconds. It is also a great color blocking companion and naturally, an everyday essential for most of us. The Sheila Pants (right) are high-waisted and come with a subtle pleat detail. Pair them with a formal shirt or with a corset top - you’ll be the centre of attention regardless. 


Shop White high waisted pants
(Left: Zara; Right: Sheila Pants)


5. Bring the 60s jazz back with polka dots and slip dresses! The Bella Midi (right) comes with a drawstring on one side for the drape detail, a high slit and a frilled hem. The ideal fit for a girls night out or a dinner date with your beau! 

Shop green and black polka dot dress
(Left: Zara; Right: Bella Midi Dress)


6. A black handbag is an office essential, right? The keyboard detail makes this essential quite a sensation! The carefully crafted handbag features the keys of a computer keyboard in a panel in the middle. The perfect handbag for when you want to be busy in style, it is sure to be an interesting conversation starter. 

Electronic keyboard handbag
(Left: H&M; Right: Electronic Keyboard Handbag)
7. An everyday tote is just what you need when you’re stepping out for a grocery run. But, why not make a statement even then? The floral, embellished tote (right) is bright, spacious and created from a preloved saree! A one-of-a-kind piece, oozing spring summer vibes! 
Embellished Tote bag turquoise


8. If there’s one y2k comeback that has secured a place on the trend board its head scarves! Upcycled silk scarves in bright shades that can add a pop of colour to any outfit and make it a statement look - these look best when styled with sundresses or pantsuits. 

Upcycled Silk Scarf
(Left: Zara; Right: Upcycled Silk Scarf)


9. A little box clutch to swing as you walk through the streets of a small town, meeting new people and exploring new experiences - Lyla (right) has got you covered! 

Shop box clutch
(Left: Zara; Right: Lyla Box Clutch)


10. Last, but never the least - the most convenient and hassle free trend of our times - fanny packs! If the effortless chic aesthetic had a favourite accessory, this would be it! The Ler Bag (right) can be styled in a multitude of ways. Pick your style! 

Shop belt bag
(Left: Zara; Right: Ler Bag)


This guide just goes on to show us all that there’s always a better way out, always a smarter choice you can make. It’s time we all joined hands to help the world heal and even as much as just one upcycled purchase goes a long way in doing that. Find all pieces on Refash.

Image Credit: Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, Refash

Feature Credit: Sanandita Ghanty

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