Ecoshi: Blending Sustainable Fashion with Eco-Conscious Stationery



Ayushi Gupta, the founder of Ecoshi, is a passionate fashion designer turned entrepreneur. Witnessing firsthand the enormous waste generated by the fashion industry at her previous workplace, she was deeply inspired to forge a new path, determined to make a difference. Ayushi committed herself to mastering eco-printing techniques. Despite facing numerous challenges, her unwavering determination ultimately led to the foundation of Ecoshi.

Ecoshi is a brand staunchly dedicated to sustainability, uniquely blending fashion and stationery. It prioritises upcycling and strives to minimise plastic consumption and maximise the potential of discarded materials to craft unique accessories and innovative stationery products.

The products are exclusively handmade, showcasing the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and ecological mindfulness. They use organic cotton materials like Kala cotton and maintain unique in-house designs that carry a touch of originality. This innovative approach not only offers stylish and unique products but also contributes to waste reduction.


Ecoshi is deeply committed to reducing its carbon footprint through the employment of eco-friendly practices. Central to these efforts is their natural dyeing process and eco-printing techniques by harnessing materials that would typically go to waste, such as flowers collected from temples and kitchen scraps. By utilising these and other natural resources, Ecoshi is able to create unique products. Furthermore, the brand insists on using biodegradable and renewable resources in their production process, further emphasising their dedication to sustainability.


Eco printing is a unique printmaking technique that incorporates the imprints of leaves and flowers directly onto products. Ecoshi stands out as a unique brand specialising in eco printed products, crafted using ethically sourced botanical elements such as hibiscus, eucalyptus leaves and guava leaves. This process also includes usage of kitchen waste and other natural materials.


Ecoshi's dedication to natural processes extends to their use of natural dyes derived from fallen leaves and discarded flowers which not only enhance the product's quality but also provide antimicrobial properties, ensuring protection for the skin.

Finally, the brand's packaging mirrors its commitment to environmental sustainability. Ecoshi's packaging is crafted from plastic-free raw materials, such as brown paper and water-activated paper tape. Adopting these sustainable practices, Ecoshi persistently works to minimise its ecological footprint.


Here's a link to the entire Ecoshi's collection, available on Refash.


Explore the featured collection of eco-friendly accessories, offering a wide range of items including stoles, scarves, bandanas, and scrunchies. Take a look at some of the highlights below and click on the images to shop now.


Ecoshi presents a stunning and distinctive stationery collection, featuring journals made with handcrafted paper and covers adorned with leaf and flower imprints. The collection also includes unique bookmarks and sustainable gift boxes, making each item one-of-a-kind. Click on the images below to shop.


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