Ecokari: Sustainable Living with Everyday Eco-Products


Ecokari is a sustainable brand that creates everyday products with a commitment to zero-waste principles and in reducing environmental impact. Every product is crafted to be entirely eco-friendly and vegan, dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle. At the heart of Ecokari is Aayushi Berawala, the visionary founder and designer who, after gaining experience as a fashion content writer, delved into the textile industry, recognising the industry's environmental challenges. Aayushi's passion and innovative ideas were brought to life through Ecokari in early 2023. The brand stands by conscious living, prioritising the development of sustainable and high-quality upcycled products within an affordable range.


Ecokari is taking steps toward minimising carbon footprint while respecting both people and planet. The brand is dedicated to eco-friendly products made by skilled artisans and is led by women. As important as being focused on reducing waste and using natural materials, Ecokari equally concentrates on building ethical production with fair labor practices to ensure their well-being. They employ talented women artisans, providing them with a space to learn and creating a positive workplace while crafting environmentally friendly handcrafted products.


Embracing a circular economy model, Ecokari stands to minimise waste and redefine it through upcycling. Operating on the principle of small-batch production, the brand ensures zero waste, avoiding excess inventory. This thoughtful approach extends to their made-to-order values, where every piece is crafted with intention and care. The palette of Ecokari speaks in earthy tones, with the products being made in natural materials like cotton and hemp, along with upcycled fabric scraps. This commitment to the environment is carried forward in their packaging solutions—entirely plastic-free, they opt for biodegradable and compostable materials, ensuring that their eco-conscious journey is reflected in every aspect of their ethical production.


Explore the earth-friendly, upcycled collection from Ecokari on Refash, showcasing a variety of products designed for a greener footprint. The range includes upcycled eco-bags for sustainable shopping, handmade paper diaries, minimal jewellery pouches made from hemp fabric, stylish scrunchies crafted from woven bamboo, beautifully upcycled hemp coasters, convenient cotton bowl covers, scented soy wax candles in soothing vanilla and rose aromas, and plantable seed pencils to write today and plant for a greener tomorrow. Click on the images below to shop these eco-friendly products.


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