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Wear Equal - Intimate Wear as a Vehicle of Change
Wear Equal is an intimate wear brand that makes undergarments out of 100% upcycled cotton deadstock fabric. Apart from making sustainable products, the brand plans to address the inaccessibility of quality affordable undergarments by women in rural areas. In this feature, we interviewed the brand’s founder, Preeta Chaudhuri Ghosal to learn more about the brand’s unique business model and the multi-faceted impact it seeks to create.
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Interview with Erin Donaghy
Applause Lingerie is a sustainable lingerie brand that utilises upcycled fabrics and dead-stock textiles in a beautiful way. We spoke to Erin Donaghy, the founder to get to know her brand better.
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Interview with Green Looks Great
Mary started “Green Looks Great” - a sustainable fashion blog that talks about people, labels and lifestyle products that she believes will make the world a bit greener, fairer and fancier.
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Interview with Jo Skelton, PEEP Eyewear
Jo Skelton, founder of Peep Eyewear, talks to us about her love for all things vintage and how she has created an Eyewear brand that is what she calls "modern vintage" - an amalgamation of the lost designs of yesterday with today's modern styles.
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Interview with Silk Denim

We interviewed mother, daughter duo who created - Silk Denim, a fashion and lifestyle brand that uses pre owned fabric to create pieces that are artistic, inventive, & easy-to-wear.

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Interview with Damar Rivillo

Damar Rivillo is a fashion designer and an upcycling blogger who reworks discarded garments to give them a fun new life. We interviewed her to understand how she started on her upcycling journey and take a peek into her life of creativity.

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