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Noupelle: Reclaiming the meaning of “new” via abandoned leather offcuts
Noupelle is based on the values of design and upcycling, the name is a synthesis of the words 'nouvelle' which means new and 'pelle' which means skin/leather, pelle is used as both a material and a metaphor. They wish to redefine the word 'new'. The brand upcycles leather off-cuts to give them a second purpose and each product a new skin!
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Raasleela - Slow Fashion brand with a Zero-waste philosophy
Raasleela, a brand that proudly wears the badge of slow fashion, takes one back to the yesteryears – a time when one solely wore hand sewn garments, repeated them often, mended them when need be, and bought rarely but wisely. Today, Raasleela offers one hundred percent hand stitched products across the apparel, accessories and home furnishings categories. A brand that emphasizes the need to choose consciously made timeless products that can be one’s companions for years to come.
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Bottletop: A brand that pioneered sustainable business models in the fashion industry
The entire eco-system of the fashion industry is finally waking up to the gravity of the issues at hand. There have been few, however, who very early on demonstrated how a fashion brand can be sustainable, fashionable and beyond. Bottletop is a luxury fashion accessories brand and whose business model is pillared by the concepts of sustainability, circularity, upcycling and recycling – the result of a journey that started way back in 2002. 
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Satat - Crafting jewellery with reclaimed wood

Satat is a contemporary brand that creates handcrafted jewellery pieces out of reclaimed teak wood using the age old technique of carving. Concentrating on the materials, the process of how the jewellery is made, its' life cycle and finally the disposal of the product, each design made by Satat is sustainable and will leave lesser carbon footprint behind.

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Studio Kassa - A design studio by Aarushi Kumar & Apran Patel

Kassa is a multi disciplinary brand that combines art and design to create lifestyle products using imaginative use of materials intrinsic to India’s traditional craft culture. The brand uses waste and leftover material from industries, to create their limited edition pieces. Each piece bears a unique number, once made, can’t be repeated exactly in similar style and color combinations.

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Emeka Brand Story
Emeka is an African-owned upcycling business that creates one of a kind suits employing local tailors in East and West Africa. Their aim is to create clothing, visuals and stories that are unique in their aesthetics and powerful in their impact.
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