Verde: Consciously Crafted Footwear and Accessories


Verde by Disha is a Mumbai-based, eco-conscious brand crafting sustainable footwear and other accessories. Verde, meaning 'green' in both Italian and Spanish, beautifully encapsulates the brand's core ethos and its profound bond with nature. This name reflects their steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

As a 'Made in India' label, Verde is dedicated to crafting eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable products that are fashionable and widely accessible to a broader audience. The brand uniquely stands out by transforming salvaged materials into trendy, sustainable footwear. The creative upcycling of materials sets the brand apart and shows its dedication to reducing environmental impact.


Verde's innovative use of cruelty-free upcycled materials sets a new standard in the industry, showcasing how style and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. The label utilises two primary upcycled materials in its footwear production: cork and tyres. Reclaimed materials like these, once destined for landfills, are upcycled with a purpose, transforming them into durable, stylish footwear.


Verde incorporates cork into their footwear designs, leveraging its natural and renewable attributes for their vegan-friendly designs. Additionally, they repurpose rescued tyres into durable outsoles that have outlived their original purpose. These tyres undergo a meticulous process of treatment and cleaning, transforming them into highly resistant outsoles with exceptional grip.


Driven by a vison for change, Verde excels in upcycling materials into high-quality footwear for everyday use, integrating environmentally conscious products into daily life use with chic and sustainable alternatives.


Verde's upcycled footwear collection featured on Refash, showcases a diverse range of styles crafted from sustainable materials. This line includes cork-based designs, with outsoles and insoles made from recycled tyres. Adding to the variety, the collection presents vegan mules with faux snake print, and textured sandals. Each piece in this assortment is upcycled from salvaged materials. This unique collection is made affordable offering sustainable footwear accessible to everyone. Click on the images below to shop from this innovative upcycled collection.


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