Upcycled gifting guide for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day of indulging the one person who indulges us all year long. We, at Refash, have curated a list of upcycled gifts that would be ideal for your mum, whatever her personal style may be.

Which one is most likely to be your mum's style?


Classy, elegant and loves all things white! She is particular about her home and kids and tends to be a connoisseur in her field. She knows her mind very well and doesn’t like to experiment. You will always find her purchasing classic pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways. 

White Double Breasted Blazer
(White Double Breasted Blazer on www.refash.in)



Kind-hearted, affectionate and always goes the extra mile for her kids. She likes to support the artisan community and shops from local craftsmen. Her house is vibrant and always has music playing. She prefers buying gifts and cards at the store rather than online.

Spring Blue Box Clutch


Free Spirited

She is a true extrovert, is independent and loves to travel. She makes friends easily wherever she goes and is a favourite of all kids! She loves to support local craft and can look great in anything she wears. She has great choice and takes care of her clothes, jewelery and bags like they're her prized possessions. 

Crochet Cassette Clutch



Less is more, mindful consumption. She prefers simple and uncomplicated designs in neutral colours. She likes to meditate and cooks hearty meals for her family. She strips back on the unnecessary, leaving space for the things that provide her with value and joy. The word "waste" does not exist in her vocabulary. You will find her having long conversations with the people she buys from - some become good friends over the years.

Megh Sustainable Kurta Set


The Artsy one

She is emotional, impulsive and loves art and design. She is always there when her kids need a listening ear. She is balanced and takes out time to do things that make her happy. She frequents vintage and thrift stores, always looking for that one piece that resonates the most with her. She encourages her children to follow their passions.

Indigo Cutch Silk Scarf



She is futuristic and loves technology. She lives in the moment and is always capturing things on camera. She is an impulsive shopper and loves to get interesting games and gadgets for her little ones. She is independent and her kids see her work passionately on building her career. She takes out time to read and put the kids to bed every night, despite her busy schedule.

Floral Laptop Sleeve


If none of the above seem like your mum, you can always get her a gift card to celebrate the day with her and some cake :) 

Shop the Refash gift card here.

Wishing your mum a Happy Mother's Day!

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