The Art of Mending and Repairing


Mending and repairing are at the heart of upcycling. They are simple yet powerful practices that can breathe new life into worn-out or damaged items.

This mindful practice prolongs the lifespan of items, thereby reducing the demand for new products and making every item a tale of revival.


The Japanese concept "Mottainai" embodies a deep appreciation for resources and discourages wastefulness. This philosophy is closely tied with the ideas of mending and upcycling. 

Mottainai calls for Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, and Respect - all principles echoed in mending practices, as they help us cut down waste, reuse things, and value the resources used in their making.



In upcycling, both visible and invisible mending hold significant value. They both let us use items in a creative manner for a longer period and help us care for our planet.


Visible mending is a type of fixing where the repair is made obvious. In upcycling, it's a creative way to add a personal touch to an old item. Stitches and patches are seen and celebrated, not hidden. It gives a unique look and tells a story of renewal.


Invisible mending is different. It aims to fix damage so well that no one can tell there was ever a problem. This method requires a lot of skill. In upcycling, it's used to keep an item's original look while still giving it new life.


Repairing is an important part of sustainable living that goes hand in hand with mending. It's the process of fixing or restoring something damaged, broken or a tear in a piece of clothing.

In the end, through the art of mending and repairing, with each stitch and fix we contribute to a circular economy by sowing the seeds of sustainability, turning everyday action into a positive environmental contribution.

Begin your upcycling adventure stitch-by-stitch with these lovely repair kits available on Refash. To shop click on the images below.




You can also donate your unwanted clothes to our Take-Back Program and receive a repair kit in return as a token of gratitude for making the world greener.

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