Revamp Father's Day With Upcycled Gifts for a Greener Celebration

Redefine gifting this Father's Day by shopping on our upcycling platform.

Every purchase you make contributes to a more sustainable world. 

Explore our extensive range of upcycled products and browse through our wide collection of Men's accessories and apparel available on Refash. Perfect for Father's Day gifts.

Here are some affordable, sustainable picks for a cool and eco-friendly gift options. To shop click on the images below.


These upcycled, handloom shirts and tees, crafted from leftover fabrics sourced from the weavers of Kutch during the Covid times, would make an exceptional and meaningful gift.     



These cardholders, made from upcycled tyre tubes, are both stylish and inventive. 



Crafted from reclaimed wood and upcycled fabrics, these unique pen holders will help in keeping your dad's workspace tidy while reminding him of you.



Creatively crafted with sturdy and stylish designs, these wallets are made using upcycled leather offcuts.


Remember, every gift has a story. This year, let that story be about love, care, and sustainability.

Let's make this Father's Day unforgettable, for your dad and our planet.



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