Refash Pop-Up: A 10-Day Celebration of Upcycling Brands

Refash hosted a 10-day upcycling pop-up from December 23rd 2023 to January 2nd 2024 in Assagao, Goa, at the vibrant Kefi Café and Bistro. This pop-up event was a vibrant celebration of upcycled fashion, accessories, and decor. Showcasing a variety of unique upcycling brands, the event was a hub of innovation, featuring an eclectic mix of upcycled apparel and accessories. It was a delightful gathering that united a diverse array of upcycled products, all in one place, emphasising their beauty and thoughtful creation. Every item, skillfully upcycled, played its part in fostering a greener environment. This event offered a singular experience, where each piece narrated its own tale of transformation and sustainable living.



Refash's initiative at this pop-up marked a significant step toward a zero-waste future, highlighting the creative efforts of nine unique upcycling brands from India. These artisans and designers demonstrated the importance of sustainable designs and reimagining what fashion and lifestyle products can be in a conscious, sustainable world.


ANNAHMOL - An eco-conscious brand based in Kerala, upholds a rich legacy of Indian craftsmanship through a modern approach to sustainability. This brand skillfully incorporates upcycled and vintage fabrics, crafting exquisite creations that blend traditional elements with environmental responsibility.

THE ROVER JOURNAL - A Delhi-based lifestyle brand specialising in curating mindful experiences that promote minimal creation and conscious consumption. With a firm commitment to sustainability, the brand advocates for eco-friendly practices, aiming for zero waste in its diverse range of products and services.

SWIATLO -  Spanning from New York to Delhi, the brand embraces slow fashion by upcycling sarees and deadstock materials using indigenous craft techniques. This approach to upcycled fashion reflects a deep commitment to sustainability and cultural preservation.

ECOSHI - This Jaipur-based brand, specialises in crafting eco-friendly stationery and accessories from temple flowers, utilising natural dyes. Committed to minimising plastic consumption, the brand maximises the potential of discarded materials, innovatively transforming them into unique stationery items and accessories.

CURATED CURIOSITIES - Curated Curiosities from Mumbai, a jewellery brand transforming waste fabric, acrylic, and wood into stylish upcycled accessories. The brand experiments with various shapes, sizes, and colours, creating unique and fashionable pieces from post-industrial waste.

VARDARA -  A Tirupati-based clothing brand, specialises in sustainable fashion, featuring handspun and handwoven creations. Emphasising eco-friendly practices, the brand uses natural dyes to bring life to its unique, artisanal garments.

PAPERWINGS - A brand from Haryana that transforms paper into creative upcycled home decor, with a strong focus on sustainable and zero-waste products. Their approach uniquely combines artistic design with environmental consciousness.

I WAS A SARI - A Mumbai brand that upcycles pre-loved saris into zero-waste apparel and accessories, empowering women artisans. Collaborating with Gucci, the brand focuses on empowering underprivileged women, providing them with skills and opportunities.

OH SCRAP - A Chennai-based brand that specialises in upcycling fabric waste into mindful, zero-waste accessories and apparel. Their products are handmade, emphasising ethical production practices that contribute to sustainable living.

The pop-up event reflected on the extraordinary journey of transformation and sustainability showcased by these nine pioneering upcycling brands. Their dedication to crafting unique, one-of-a-kind items from reclaimed materials set a new standard in eco-friendly fashion and home decor and inspired a deeper appreciation for the beauty and potential of upcycled goods. Stay tuned for more innovative and eco-conscious initiatives from Refash, as we continue to pave the way towards a more sustainable and landfill-free world.

Here's a snippet sharing the memorable upcycled celebration at the Refash pop-up, capturing the unique experience that unfolded at Goa:


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