Notre Âme: Inclusive Modern Heritage Wear


Notre Âme is a fashion label with a mission to revitalise traditional crafts integral to Indian culture, and anchor them in the modern, circular fashion industry. With a reverence for the memory of touch, Notre Âme ensures each product carries a special feel — an ode to the artisan's craftsmanship.

Committed to capturing the essence of India's varied crafts, Notre Âme actively fosters an inclusive society, with mindfulness towards nature as a core principle. Through their gender-neutral and socially-conscious ethos, they celebrate the communities that vitalise their elegant creations.

Notre Âme is more than a brand; it’s a symbol of the soul’s freedom. It transcends labels, encouraging you to embrace the limitless nature of your being.


The name ''Notre Âme'', a term deriving from the French language, translates to "our soul" in English, epitomises the brand's ethos. It signifies the collective soul of tradition, craftsmanship, and an inclusive culture. 


Notre Âme channels the rich diversity of our culture through a plethora of crafts like Kantha, Applique, Patchwork, Sujani, Rabari, and more; this is a testament to the heritage passed down through generations.

In the hands of skilled artisans and women communities, these crafts, once used for home decor and repurposing, have become powerful symbols of sustainability. They continue to thrive in rural India, laying the foundation of Notre Âme's collection. With each handcrafted product, a story is woven, and it springs to life as wearers embark on a soulful journey through modern silhouettes.

Embracing upcycling, these communities are leading the path towards sustainability, representing a forward-thinking and self-reliant lifestyle that harmonises with nature.


In line with their dedication to preserving authenticity and ensuring premium quality, while also prioritising a sustainable future and minimising landfill waste, Notre Âme extends a complimentary mending and repairing service to its clientele for all of its merchandise.

Through this initiative, any damaged item is skillfully repaired, upcycled, and returned, reflecting Notre Âme’s steadfast commitment to product longevity and environmental responsibility.


Here's a link to the entire Notre Âme collection, available on Refash.


Explore the best selling collection, featuring a wide range of items such as shirts, blouses, tops, dresses, co-ord sets, and pants. Check out some of the highlights below and click on the images to shop.




Here's a link to the entire Notre Âme Men's Wear CollectionBelow are a few highlights. Click on the images to shop.



Here is a link to the entire Notre Âme Swimwear Collection, made from export surplus, resulting in a reduction of carbon emissions of up to 70% compared to newly manufactured fabric. Below are some featured highlights. Click on the images to shop.


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