Mindful Gifting: Simple Upcycled Presents That Show You Care


Mindful gifting means giving presents that are thoughtful and meaningful. It's a way to show someone you really care about them. One great way to do this is by giving simple upcycled presents. 


There are a few reasons why upcycled gifts are awesome.

First, they are good for the planet because upcycled gifts make use of existing materials instead of buying new ones. This means less trash and less stuff being made in factories.

Second, upcycled gifts are unique. No one else will give the same gift as you.

Lastly, if you are making something by hand it shows that you put time and effort into the gift, which makes it more special. For more inspiration, you can explore our DIY Upcycling Blog for crafting your own upcycled presents, and visit our Pinterest page - (@refashofficial) to discover innovative ideas for your own projects.


Here are some upcycled gift options available on Refash. To shop click on the images below.

Unsure what to gift? Present a REFASH gift card! Give the gift of choice and let them choose what they love. Delivered by email and easy to redeem at checkout, our gift cards come without any extra processing fees.   

Delight the special woman in your life with these adorable, upcycled mini hampers. These hampers in blue and yellow, exquisitely crafted by Lukka Chuppi, each contain 1 Mini Clutch and 1 pair of Ceramic Earrings.
Thoughtfully curated hampers by Lukka Chuppi, made from upcycled Ajrakh hand block printed fabric, ethically sourced from the artisans of Kutch, each box contains a handy reusable magnetic to-do list, pen stand, quick notes, B5 diary, bookmarks, and scented candles.
Gift your dear ones with these personalised gifts. Our Name Tags Cushions and Buntings are upcycled from fabric scraps, and handcrafted with love by Use Me Works.
Gift your lil' ones these adorable upcycled crochet dolls created by Miko Lolo. This product is handmade in India by women trained under the non-profit organization "Supermoms4u".

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