Meko Studio: Crafting Sustainable Knitwear Through Slow Fashion


Founded by Mehak Khosla, Meko Studio emerged from a profound passion for mindful fashion. This brand represents a sustainable approach to knitwear, championing slow fashion. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship is visible through their collaborations with local artisans, ensuring the rich handicraft culture of India thrives.

Meko's philosophy is the production of long-lasting attire. They prioritise clothes that can be re-worn, employing ethically sourced fabrics. Every piece showcases artisanal craftsmanship, transforming basic items into wardrobe-essentials. As a made-to-order brand from India, Meko Studio is committed to ethical values embedded into its roots.

This sustainable label stands out in its fight against waste, harnessing warehouse surpluses and deadstock with an aspiration to craft zero-waste creations. They ensure fabrics find life in new creations, not landfills. The focus is on minimising waste by keeping textiles in circulation.


Meko Studio prioritises eco-friendly garment production. Each creation showcases a commitment to environmental responsibility, using natural plant dyes and printed fabrics that are ethically sourced and produced. They employ non-toxic natural dyes to emphasise sustainability and also provide skin protection through anti-microbial activity.


Through innovative eco-printing, Meko Studio takes a step further by dyeing fabrics with rose petals and marigold petals, ingeniously recycling temple flowers to add unique, eco-conscious touches to their designs. The fabrics are hand-dyed by skilled artisans from Bagru-Rajasthan and Bhuj-Gujarat, and each garment reflects the rich tradition and expertise of these regions.


Meko Studio showcases an innovative upcycled collection on Refash, highlighting an array of knitwear designs crafted from eco-friendly knit fabrics, adorned with eco-prints, and tinted with natural dyes. The collection includes delightful skirts and tops, relaxed knit dresses, chic evening wear, versatile unisex shirts, vests, creative knit pants, and combo sets. Prioritising sustainability, every piece in the collection is made-to-order, designed to last, and crafted with zero-waste principles. 



Click on the images above to shop from this upcycled collection.

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