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Founded by Esha Gulati, Markkah Studio epitomises the concept of conscious fashion. The brand distinguishes itself through its commitment to slow fashion principles, minimalist aesthetics, and a palette deeply inspired by the earth's natural hues. With a strong tether to its roots, the brand pays homage to slow fashion and venerates Indian textiles.

The unique name "Markkah" has its roots in the Finnish language, signifying 'Originality'. It aptly reflects the ethos of the brand which champions original designs and maintains its dedication to sustainability.

At the heart of Markkah's operations lies an unwavering commitment to breathability and comfort in clothing by sourcing sustainable, organic materials. Each piece is designed with a focus on ease. The subtle lightness of each product is a conscious choice, reflecting the brand's dedication to creating garments that are as comfortable as they are sustainable.

The brand has also shown remarkable resilience and adaptability in adversity. During the pandemic, Markkah made a conscious effort to support local industries in sourcing fabrics, underlining their "Make in India" initiative by supporting local artisans and businesses in challenging times.

Markkah strikes a perfect balance with a blend of diverse textiles, skillfully shaping each piece to carry its unique characteristics and flow. Attention to detail is a hallmark of their work, with creative touches added to each garment. It amplifies the sense of exclusivity and elevates the wearer's experience.


Markkah adheres to a philosophy of selective production over mass manufacturing, with a clear focus on quality. The brand emphasises the importance of taking time to ensure high-quality production, enhance product value, and consider the environmental impact of fashion. This principle forms the backbone of the operations of Markkah Studio, which consciously creates pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and gentle on our planet.


Markkah presents a stunning collection of comfortable cotton wear, reflecting its firm commitment to sustainable sourcing. As a conscious, slow fashion brand, Markkah Studio utilises sustainable materials with a low carbon footprint as the core element of its creations, making these pieces a real treat for eco-conscious consumers. The brand further advocates for sustainability by ensuring nothing goes to waste by using materials sourced from factory production waste.

Each garment is meticulously crafted from lightweight materials. The collection features stylish silhouettes marked by unique asymmetric patterns, blending traditional elements with minimalist design. This results in a range that exemplifies style and symbolises Markkah's dedication to environmental responsibility and resource efficiency.


Markkah Studio has a wide collection of cotton wear, which includes stylish co-ords, pattern-rich tunics and dresses, lightweight rompers, comfortable pants, chic tops, waistcoats and jackets. Below are some featured highlights. Click on the images to shop.


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