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About the Brand

With the rise in conscious consumers who are taking to sustainability, we also notice a rise in eco-friendly, organic companies that incorporate upcycling and other sustainable practices in their supply chain. Lukka Chuppi is a Vadodara-based brand that creates colourful and versatile handcrafted products from leftover fabric, wood pieces and non animal based materials.

Based on the concepts of 'Self-Assembly, zero-waste, upcycled and handcrafted, Lukka Chuppi's collection aim at being stylish, while staying green.

The brainchild of Ishani Kanani, Lukka Chuppi’s aim is to design bold, trendy yet timeless lifestyle products that result in consumers turning to ethically-made pieces, as opposed to fast fashion. The collection features collapsible and detachable products that are made from upcycled fabric. They are multi-occasional products that can change in an instant to suit different occasions. With an element of self-assembly to them, Lukka Chuppi further aims to connect an owner to their product.

Ishani had taken to upcycling in her early college days itself. After seeing her small creations, a friend invited her to display some of her pieces. As thrilling as it was - she needed a name to participate. After some brainstorming and friendly suggestions - Lukka Chuppi seemed most appealing. There has been no going back, ever since. What started out as a small step in 2012, upcycling old clothes into small fabric pins and badges, has evolved into quirky, bright foldable and detachable designs for the modern world - with sustainability at its very core.

A close-knit family of eight members, as described by Ishani, is the force behind the venture. This team regroups once a week and works from home on the remaining days. Something really interesting and wonderful about the people of Lukka Chuppi is that none of these eight members come from an artisanal background. However, the pieces that they create are nothing less than art which display the perfect blend of basic mechanical technology knowledge and a sense of minimal yet unconventional design aesthetics. 

Founder Journey

Spatial design has always been intriguing to Ishani. The interaction and cohesion of various elements in a room fascinates her, and if not the founder of Lukka Chuppi, she would be pursuing interior design. However, we continue to observe this intrigue and fascination being reflected in her own line of lifestyle products that are space conscious, collapsible and detachable.

Ishani has maintained a close connection with clothes for as long as she can remember, to the point where she would struggle to even discard age-old pieces. Even during her Masters in Sculpture, she worked mainly with fabrics. One day, driven by a simple whim, she happened to pick up some old fabrics and refashioned them into badges and fridge magnets. Little did she know that this whim would turn out to be her calling. Experimenting its way from magnets to clutches - now stands Lukka Chuppi, as we know it. 

The founder’s uncomfortable relationship with fast fashion was also a contributor to the inception of the brand. Sometimes off the rack options didn’t fit well and sometimes the material felt uncomfortable. This inspired her to make her own clothes for the most part. Ishani is a lover of all things simple and the same minimalism was reflected in the clothes she designed for herself. This approach led her to work extensively with fabrics and helped her pave the way for Lukka Chuppi’s products. 

Design Process

When asked about the inspiration behind Lukka Chuppi’s products, Ishani gave a rather innocent answer. While most of what the brand creates revolves and relates to upcycling and space utility, their most prominent design inspiration is a childhood favourite - Origami. This technique has been a major influence to her designs throughout. 

All Lukka Chuppi pieces employ some elements that amplify the brand’s aesthetic. The most notable element is space consciousness. ‘Space constraint’ is something Ishani herself has always struggled with. So, making products that thrive in such environments is something that came very naturally to her. Their products being space saving, multi-functional, collapsible and or easily detachable and also easy-to-transport are just a few natural outcomes of that inspiration.  From sculptures to fridge magnets to upcycling bigger products, the display space, utility of the products and the way they interact or influence one another -  has always been a defining factor. 

More than a design process, the creation of a Lukka Chuppi piece is a journey. Starting off with a healthy brainstorming process to get a clear and definite idea about the product they wish to create, the focus then shifts to procuring and segregating waste material and the various wood and fabric items according to size and verticals. These raw materials are then processed by skilled artisans. Next is assembly, where the product is put together and then, finally packaged at the Lukka Chuppi facility. Staying true to the ethos, only used cartons are utilised for packaging. 


We asked Ishani the controversial “favourite child” question when it came to her products and her answer was the latest Round & Box Clutch collection! This line embodies and reflects various journeys, discoveries and techniques that Ishani has spent almost a decade mastering. The self-assembly aspect gives the client a feeling of creation - making the product their own in a whole new way. Cherry on top, the clutches in this collection are vividly versatile - coming with two sleeves so that the display can be changed to match the occasion! 

(Seen Here: Ziya Round Clutch)


The founder describes the creation of the box clutch as a journey in itself. The whole “self-assembly” aspect to it was added after a client recommended it and it appealed to most customers' sense of involvement with something that they own. Making it collapsible and modular was also well-received. The sleeves were added to give the box more options and a visual uplift. What’s more is that the sideblocks of the clutch can be used as a pen stand or even a tissue box, thus making the clutch a practical, multipurpose yet fun product to use.


“Sustainability, according to us is - a way of life that has real-world benefits for the people on both sides of the brand, the customers and the creators, both”, says Ishani. 

The brand sticks with the age-old, tried and tested adage of - practice what you preach when it comes to approaching sustainable practices. They not only practice reusing their own waste, but also encourage every team member to optimise every bit of the material used. 

Lukka Chuppi was one of the first brands to come into being that upcycled. Since then, the scenario as well as perceptions regarding the fashion industry have changed. Ishani notices that now people are quick to refer to used or discarded fabrics as recycled/upcycled which is a sign of a growing collective consciousness in the average consumer. There’s a growth in the faith and acceptability people have in investing in sustainable products now, and although these changes have been slow and long overdue, they are definitely welcome.

In Kanani’s opinion, currently the affordability of sustainable fashion is fairly low. But, with the introduction of more brands in the field and growing awareness about the low impact and increased longevity of sustainable products - a conscious consumer's affordability will soon be at par with the sustainable fashion price point. 

That being said, the ideal Lukka Chuppi consumer is anyone who wants to do their bit for nature without compromising on chic and trendy style. Logistics aside, everyone is needed to contribute towards an eco-friendly environment for there to be any future at all. Sustainability is the future and it is the only way to go.

Upcoming Plans 

Ishani dreams of a time when upscaling and upcycling is the norm that’s embraced by corporates and families alike. Redefining how spaces are utilised, Lukka Chuppi wishes to be a part of the catalyst that lets sustainability meet corporate efficiency. But, for now - the future is a mystery; and while the team works on the project at hand, we manifest a Lyla Box Clutch in ours!


Content Credit - Sanandita Ghanty

Image Credit - Lukka Chuppi



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