Limited Edition: Upcycled Accessories Capsule Collection

Transforming old to new, unique brands time and again engage in innovative upcycling, finding creative ways to repurpose materials. They craft one-of-a-kind limited editions that make a positive environmental impact and keep fashion at the forefront. It's inspiring to see how these collections bring together the principles of sustainability and style, showcasing the potential for luxury and responsibility to coexist. Below, we've highlighted some exceptional upcycled limited edition accessory collections made with environmental consciousness. 


Icon-up Upcycled Capsule Collection

Ferragamo, the renowned Italian luxury fashion house, in a nod to their commitment to sustainability and circular economy principles, the brand had revealed a limited edition capsule collection called Icon-up in November 2021. This carefully curated collection, consisting of 300 pieces, showcases women's shoes and belts, all upcycled from the brand's extensive inventory. Ferragamo initiated this creative upcycling journey, aimed at breathing new life into their classic icons. The collection features upcycled iconic printed scarves, and charming bows crafted from the fabric, elegantly adorning upcycled ballerinas and belts. Repurposing salvaged silk from pre-existing Ferragamo materials, the brand features a thoughtful approach to resource reuse. Each product in this exquisite collection was packaged in reusable dust bags, which were also made from previously existing fabrics, in their overall effort towards environmental responsibility and sustainable luxury.

(Image credit: Ferragamo Icon-up Capsule Collection)


Gianvito Rossi Leather Set

La Bouche Rouge, a Parisian clean beauty brand, is known for its dedication to being a responsible eco-luxury beauty brand by completely eliminating all single-use plastics from its cosmetic products. In 2022, this French beauty brand entered into an innovative collaboration with Gianvito Rossi, the esteemed Italian luxury shoe and accessories brand. This partnership had created a limited edition capsule collection featuring upcycled leather cases for two exclusive lip shades: Gianvito Pink: Balm - Nude Pink and Gianvito Red: Satin - Bright Bluish Red. These luxurious cases were crafted from offcuts of Gianvito Rossi's premium leather footwear collections. This collaboration between these two luxury brands - one in beauty and the other in footwear - brought together the best of both worlds, with both brands united in their mission to reduce environmental impact and promote a greener footprint.

(Image credit: La Bouche Rouge x Gianvito Rossi Collection)


Upcycled Coffee Capsule - Watch

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot, known for its exceptional craftsmanship in timepiece creation, had a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Nespresso, the renowned Swiss coffee brewing brand. Together, they launched a limited edition upcycled watch, crafted from Nespresso's popular coffee capsules. Limited to just 200 pieces this collaboration marks the first time a watch has been made using recycled coffee capsules, highlighting their incredible journey from coffee cup to wrist. They stated that this collaboration carries a full-circle design philosophy, giving the coffee grounds and aluminum capsules a second life through creative repurposing. An iconic partnership had resulted in an iconic watch with creative reuse.

(Image credit: Hublot x Nespresso Collection)


Upcycled Tennis Gear

Rothy's is an American brand that crafts shoes and accessories from recycled plastics, marine plastics, and other renewable materials. In a collaboration with Evian, the French mineral water brand known for sourcing its water from the pristine French Alps, the two brands joined forces in 2022. Their collaboration had a shared mission with a sustainable goal to launch a limited edition capsule collection of tennis gear that was made from repurposed 72,000 Evian water bottles, diverting plastic bottles from landfills.

(Image credit: Rothys's x Evian Collection)

This tennis collection was curated using Rothy's exclusive 3D knitting process. The recycled bottles were collected from the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, where Evian served as one of the sponsors. The collection featured an assortment of tennis accessories and footwear, including two sneakers, a cap, a duffel bag, a sling bag, a racket bag, and a visor. This collaboration between Rothy's and Evian shows that when brands from different sectors work together, they can come up with creative ways to help protect the environment and support the idea of reusing materials.


Upcycled Military Scrap

American menswear designer brand Todd Snyder and L.L.Bean, an American company known for its apparel and outdoor recreation equipment, teamed up to craft a unique upcycled limited collection. This special collection had used repurposed materials from military bags and tents, as well as surplus military scraps, transforming them into sustainable footwear, signature boots, and totes. This creative project with a sustainable approach to fashionable accessories shows a conscious dimension by giving new purpose to materials that otherwise would have been forgotten.

(Image credit: Todd Snyder x L.L.Bean Collection)

It's truly a delight to witness brands stepping up to create high-quality products that has a greener footprint. These upcycled collections represent a step towards a more sustainable and responsible industry. Encouraging more initiatives like these could change the perspective of both consumers and producers towards a broader understanding of sustainability, making it a core aspect of luxury and design.

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