Ikriit'm: Crafting Sustainability Through Slow Fashion



Ikriit'm is an Indian sustainable fashion label that exemplifies minimalism and shows a profound dedication to 'slow living and better fashion.' This guiding philosophy is incorporated into every product the brand presents. The name 'Ikriit'm' stands for working with the intention of giving back and contributing to the surrounding environment, principles deeply ingrained in the brand's core values.

Focused on ethical practices, Ikriit’m is committed to local sourcing and production. The brand exclusively uses natural fabrics and non-toxic dyes, aligning its operations with an eco-conscious ethos. Ikriit'm places a high value on the art of hand-making products, celebrating both raw authenticity and the beautiful imperfections inherent in handcrafted items. These features are elevated as assets rather than flaws.

In its quest to make fashion responsible, Ikriit'm is steadfast in its commitment to waste reduction. By adopting local sourcing and production strategies that yield zero to minimal waste, the brand ensures that nothing is sent to landfills. As a result, Ikriit'm serves as a noteworthy contributor to clean fashion, actively challenging the waste culture prevalent in the fashion industry.


Ikriit'm functions by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 12, aiming to "ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns." The brand champions local craftsmanship by sourcing all its products from community artisans, with a significant part of its workforce consisting of homemaking women.

Each product features hand-crafted elements and motifs reflective of traditional Indian crafts. The brand strives for sustainability by adopting a made-to-order model, which avoids excess inventory and achieves zero waste. Additionally, the thoughtful use of end-of-roll fabrics helps in minimising textile waste.


Ikriit'm features a one-of-a-kind style characterised by the use of handmade crochet art and unique embroidery. The designs are simple, classy, minimal, and stylish. Each flower is hand-crocheted by skilled women artisans. For these artisans, whom the brand supports, crochet serves not merely as a source of income but also as a pathway to self-reliance.



Ikriit'm's upcycled collection, featured on Refash, includes a beautiful range of apparel and a minimalist, stylish crochet hair accessory. Crafted with a zero-waste approach, all items in the collection are consciously made from ethically sourced materials and feature minimalistic crochet designs.




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