Hopping Chidiya: Creating Handmade Eco-friendly Paper Accessories


Hopping Chidiya is a sustainable accessory brand founded by Kanupriya, a graduate of NIFT with a specialisation in accessory design, and a passionate product designer. Hopping chidiya was born out of a passion towards craft artistry and pioneering spirit towards slow fashion, creating all products by hand.

The name 'Hopping Chidiya' carries a fascinating backstory, drawing inspiration from the endearing house sparrow, and much like how a sparrow diligently assembles twigs and feathers to weave a singular nest, Hopping Chidiya has anchored its sustainable principles on 'Recycle and Reuse' and thoughtfully collects materials like paper, wool, beads, and feathers to fashion unique products.

Driven by a deep sense of environmental responsibility, Hopping Chidiya transforms discarded paper, leftover scraps, and old newspapers into beautiful wearable paper art accessories and stunning home decor pieces as well. Hopping Chidiya prides itself on producing accessories that are meticulously handcrafted, particularly the distinctive quilled pieces.


Hopping Chidiya's eco-friendly paper art creations are all handcrafted using sustainable materials. By incorporating delicate paper art carvings and leveraging age-old quilling techniques, Hopping Chidiya transforms paper beads into artful designs. Each art piece, whether intricate earrings or stylish chains, showcases the beauty of organic handmade craftsmanship, breathing new life into what was once considered waste. 



Hopping Chidiya's adorable upcycled collection on Refash includes creative handcrafted paper art earrings and charming brooches that add a fun element to your outfit or when pinned to your handbags. The collection also features a practical detachable lanyard for goggles or air-pods, made from recycled old newspapers and repurposed wooden beads. Below are some of the highlights; click on the images to shop from this delightful collection.



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