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New York’s vibrant and historic Seaport District is brighter and greener thanks to Good Stuff – a thought provoking retail experience and community hub that combines repair, reuse and smart, sustainable design all in one space. Open from 31st May 2019 till 28th June 2019, the space aims to give visitors a chance to touch, feel and experience how good it can be to shift to a healthier pattern of consumption.

(Image: Good Stuff New York store front)

Good Stuff is created by Sandra Goldmark, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Barnard College and Founder of Fixup. This event is co-created by Fixup and Lauren Fay, Founder of The New Fashion Initiative.


The overarching goal of Good Stuff is to help consumers rethink their relationship with “stuff” entirely. The organisers created a space where sustainable living and circular design are not viewed as some aspirational, distant future – they are made up of enriching and simplifying lifestyle changes one can implement and enjoy today. The motto of the space (borrowed from Michael Pollan’s legendary rules for food consumption) is - “Have good stuff. Not too much. (Mostly reclaimed.) Care for it. Pass it on.


Sandra and Lauren created a version of “eco-friendly” and “conscious” fashion in need of higher visibility - one that takes into account a wide variety of brands and designers that have been artfully brought together into one “home” for the first time.

"From furniture and home goods to fashion, every item in the space has a “story tag” explaining why it’s “Good” Stuff."

It covers - Good New (sustainable/ethical), Good Used (curated/appealing), or a Good Fix (repaired/remade), inviting visitors to read or even scan the tags to learn more.

(Image: Good Stuff New York pop up store)

The goal of the closet display is to show sustainable fashion in its widest variety, price points to materials to aesthetics. You will find products ranging from $5.99 to $1,500, T-shirts to evening wear, recycled organic cotton to beads and feathers.

The brands and items on display include -

/ Renewed Apparel from Mara Hoffman, NAU, Toad&Co, restored by Renewal Workshop in Oregon

/ Recyclable basics from California-based circular brand and T-shirt subscription service For Days (a portfolio company of partner Closed Loop Ventures)

/ Good Used items found at Goodwill NY & NJ

/ Fine jewelry by Linhaus, made from heirloom precious metals, melted down and reformed into modern and timeless shapes. Linhaus also makes lab-grown diamonds from reused materials, such as wedding bouquets.

/ Faire.Shop’s upcycled pieces, embroidered with empowering phrases and fun, kitschy patches to breathe new life into previously owned denim styles

/ Denim tote bags from NOORISM, an ethical denim brand based in Brooklyn turning reclaimed jeans into new fashions

/ Pieces from resident stylist, Allison Vicenzi’s own closet, spectacular vintage and thrift finds and some pieces she has restyled over the years, tagged with simple instructions on how to make-your-own versions

(Image: Faire Shop's upcycled jeans)


In addition to providing a retail footprint for these brands and pieces, Good Stuff acts as an interactive installation, hosting “Thoughtful Stuff” like panel discussions with industry change makers, as well as workshops for teaching repair, recycling, and creative reuse skills. At these events, they serve drinks only in glassware, and use compostable bamboo napkins or vintage dishes in lieu of single-use products. No detail has gone unnoticed in this space – a testament to the vision and commitment of creator Sandra Goldmark to reducing the resource burden and designing out waste.


There are 20 workshops throughout the month focusing on mending, upcycling, sorting trash and more. Many of the events are in partnerships with NYC-based experts and tastemakers – for example - REI demonstrated on-the-go bike repair, Elizabeth Cline will teach clothing care, Debra Rapoport will lead artful upcycling of “feathered boas” created from everyday found materials. Something for all ages, from eco-friendly dinner party tips to teaching kids and families to compost and minimize waste.

Also, they conduct weekly mending circles with sewing machines, supplies and expert repair and refashioning guidance provided by Remade in Brooklyn and their refashioner-in-residence, Ellie Lindholm of Darnworthy.

You can find the schedule here.

(Image: Repairing a guest’s vintage piece at Mend It Monday with Remade in Brooklyn and Darnworthy)


Good Stuff is not just a store, it’s a holistic community experience that offers tangible solutions to consumers’ growing environmental concerns, and desire for more options of things designed for durability without compromising on style.

Everyone can be more thoughtful about the “stuff” they own; circularity is a complex topic and new solutions and information pop up daily. You can leave Good Stuff with answers to your questions, along with several new ideas for how sustainable consumption fits into your lifestyle and values right now. It’s an ambitious experiment that is paying off, as evidenced by their engaged audience sharing colorful coverage across social media.

For anyone in and around New York City, this dynamic installation is a must-do between 31st May 2019 and 28th June 2019.


You can check their website here.

Find them on Instagram here.


Photo Credit: Good Stuff & Allison Vicenzi

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