Dwij - giving second to discarded denim

Dwij's Brand Ethos:

Entrepreneur, Soumya Annapurna Kalluri launched Dwij with a vision to give a new life to discarded denim fabrics. The brand name, dwij, literally means second life in Sanskrit. The brand manufactures and promotes upcycled lifestyle products made from post consumer garments and post industrial garment waste that would otherwise end up in landfill. The product range includes backpacks, duffel bags, utility bags, handbags, jewellery, home decor and other accessory products targeted for an environmentally conscious consumer.

The brands’ mission is to generate wealth by providing inclusive growth of society, using junk. The goal is not only to create awareness about the drawbacks of fast fashion, but also to show the world that by using a thorough washing procedure, one can transform a second hand textile into a material as hygienic as virgin textile. This approach of upcycling generates less waste and significantly reduces fossil fuel usage in the manufacturing process, thereby minimizing the impact on the environment. 

Design Process:

Dwij collects post consumer and post industrial denim waste from communities, individuals and enterprises, which come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Since each garment / piece’s source is different, it has its own uniqueness, making every Dwij product unique and different. 

All materials received at the Dwij workshop are first pre-washed by industrial washers in a rigorous manner to ensure that they become hygienically as good as a virgin material. After thorough washing, the materials are then segregated according to the product that will be made out of them. Once the manufacturing process is complete, the product goes through a quality check to ensure high standards of quality are maintained. The waste generated by Dwij through it’s manufacturing process is used to create jewellery or smaller accessories, ensuring a zero waste policy.

( Production at Dwij )

Collection Centre:

An estimated 80-100 billion new garments are sent to landfills every year. Each pair of jeans that is produced takes 946 litres of water to grow cotton, 42 litres of water to achieve the faded look, and chemicals in abundance. 

If you have been wondering what to do with your old jeans instead of sending them to the landfill, Dwij has the perfect answer for you. 

Dwij takes old, ill fitting, torn jeans from customers so that instead of discarding them away, their old jeans get a new life. They have made this very simple, where all you need to do is pack them into a box and courier the box to them at the following address - UG 60, Dreams The Mall, Bhandup (W), Mumbai 400078. 

Dwij has upcycled more than 3500 pair of jeans & 500 metres of post industrial denim since it started.


Dwij has a range of products to offer, from multipurpose bags and satchels to aesthetic jewellery. For our recently launched shop section, we have curated a few bags serving a variety of styles and occasions. We are sharing our top picks from their collection - 

( Left- Backpack Classic ; Right- Pace Bag )


You can shop the entire collection here.

Photo Credits: Dwij 




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