REFASH your saris with Doodlage

About Doodlage:

Doodlage is a zero waste fashion brand that aims to merge innovative designs with sustainable technique of clothing to make fashion not just chic, but also eco-friendly. The brand sources industrial fabric waste from factories which have been discarded or wasted during the process of garment production and uses that to create upcycled, high street fashion.

Much like pieces of a puzzle, founder, Kriti Tula, puts these bits and pieces of fabric together, each with its own story. She loves experimenting with textures, embroideries, panelling & patching to optimise the use of every little piece sourced.

The leftover fabric from their clothes production is then shredded to create textures for their unique lifestyle products. Anything that they cannot use there is recycled into paper that is then used to create their garment tags. They are serious when they say, no scrap left behind!

So Susheel Campaign:

This festive season their, “So Susheel Campaign” helps you revive those saris that have been tucked away at the back of your closets by redesigning them into contemporary garments that you can wear all over again. The one that was your first, or your mom’s hand-me-downs or grandmother’s, the one you don’t want to let go but don’t use as much.

We followed the transformation of one such sari that was upcycled into a stylish new dress.

If you'd like to upcycle your saris as well, send a picture of your sari to Doodlage with all the details. They will then suggest 5-6 silhouettes for you to pick from and recreate your sari in the design that you pick. 

Their attempt to create a circular fashion cycle is truly worth taking inspiration from.


Browse through Doodlage's website here.

Find them on Instagram.


Video: Shruti Rambhia

Video Edit: Ishaan Sadwelkar

Location: Doodlage Studio, New Delhi

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