Chambray & Co Brand Story

Chambray & Co. is an ethical and slow fashion brand creating a wearable experiences for mindful and passionate lives.

Founded in 2015 by Esha Agarwal - they are a brand working towards creating truly contemporary products combining Indian craft skills and modern aesthetics in their design language to create an international appeal. They make things that matter and weave joy into every story. In a world where fashion and design are often seen as excess, Chambray & Co. is a proof that style and sustainability can coexist. Inspired by nature and captivated by the city, Chambray & Co. tells a story of a lifestyle which embodies a connectedness and balance with the natural world.

Chambray & co. is a life and livelihood partner for empowered and dignified artisans as they strive to weave better futures for their families and communities.They have years of experience in building an eco-ethical fashion label, learning along the way, making a lot of mistakes, and pushing forward anyway.

( Esha Agarwal, Founder of Chambray & Co )


Design process

"The fabrics used to make our clothing takes time, efforts and resources to produce and procure." says Esha. The brand uses materials that are discarded from the clothing mills because of minor defects. They procure these fabrics and enhance them using craft techniques to add more value to each piece, celebrating the uniqueness, flaws and textures of the fabrics by making timeless silhouettes that will stay with you for many years, seasons & trends.

All the pieces are handcrafted in Ahmedabad, India by their team of creative and passionate women, who they aim to empower both creatively and economically. They are working with artisans who believe in the same ethos, making sure they reduce water and chemical consumption in the production processes. With a holistic approach towards design, they focus on small-scale production using natural and sustainable materials and methods.


The Spring Summer 20' collection 'ORENDA' by the brand resonates with a story of a nomad with beautiful dreams living a city lifestyle. With a needle that weaves stories on every garment highlighting Indian craft sown by the hands of under privileged women of India - It binds the two worlds, one which is modern & the other which is deeply rooted. Each garment is a reminder of every effort made by mankind to use what's been wasted and to save what's left of mother nature. 

We have recently launched this collection on Refash that features elevated basics that combine modern aesthetics featuring local Indian craft. 

( ORENDA collection showcased at Circular Design Challenge, LFW )


You can shop the Orenda collection here -  

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