Sonica Sarna: Empowering Artisans through Ethical Creations


Sonica Sarna is the driving force behind the impactful label Sonica Sarna Design, guided by a vision to create a better environment for both the planet and the people. Her approach combines people-centric and planet-centric principles, focusing on ethical design and production. The brand is committed to empowering artisan communities and their well-being and enforcing strict measures against child labor, creating a holistic commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. The brand operates at the nexus of fashion design and socio-environmental activism, embodying a connection that revitalizes regenerative textile practices through respectful artisan partnerships while developing a zero-waste design philosophy with organic materials. At the heart of her design approach to responsible consumption is the conviction that the creation of beauty should be synonymous with supporting human dignity and preserving the environment.


The brand designs sustainable products with an eco-friendly product line for conscious consumers, which are thoughtfully designed to minimise waste and maximise artisan representation, aiming for a positive environmental impact. The label stands behind sustainable practices thoroughly, evident in its organic fabric selection and sourcing, fair trade production, and highly valued artisanal partnerships, which involve development, education, and the creation of a safe working environment. The brand places significant importance on artisan representation and is on par with valuing ethical production and sourcing equally. It cherishes rural crafts and traditional fabrics from various Indian states, incorporating these elements into its creations. Their love shines through their textiles, sourced from heritage artisan community partners across India. Traditional hand-dyeing techniques such as Shibori, Batik, block printing, and handloom crafts are celebrated and encouraged within their sustainable practices. This commitment ensures that each piece is ethically made and carries rich craftsmanship.


Sonica Sarna's dedication to artisanal and women's empowerment has resulted in the employment of over 500 women and the training of more than 900 artisans across India. Through respectful artisan partnerships and the use of organic materials, #ProjectThrive by Sonica Sarna is a women empowerment initiative. This sewing center is dedicated to supporting, employing, and educating at-risk women from the slums of New Delhi. This noble initiative offers training and employment and focuses on creating organic, zero-waste products. This endeavor provides these women a pathway toward economic equality, showcasing Sarna's commitment to both social and environmental sustainability.


This upcycled and truly one-of-a-kind collection by Sonica Sarna is crafted from organic deadstock linen fabric, saving textiles from waste. Ranging from shirts to pants, jumpsuits to dresses, all the fabrics, made from organically grown linen, boast colors brought to life using eco-friendly herbal dyes that are naturally derived from fruit peels and plant roots. This extraordinary collection has been hand-cut and sewn by the skilled women of #ProjectThrive, a heartwarming initiative highlighting their craftsmanship. Click on the images below to shop from this sustainable collection.


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