Designs by Queen Bee: Sustainable Daily Wear Apparel


Founded by Sakshi Gupta, Designs by Queen Bee is propelled by a vision to establish an ethical and sustainable fashion label, renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality and unique products with premium fabrics. Deeply committed to sustainability, Queen Bee adheres to principles like fair wages, zero waste, and eco-friendly fashion practices. The brand's versatile clothing range addresses the diverse needs of women, providing a variety of outfits appropriate for different occasions, from special events to everyday wear. Additionally, the label is focused on building sustainable apparel that does not compromise on style, valuing both the aesthetics and the ethical creation of its garments. The responsible manufacturing, integral to its creations, has a dedicated eco-conscious approach.


Designs by Queen Bee is dedicated to creating a fair work environment, focusing on fair compensation and sustainable workplace practices. The brand is working towards a vision of the creation of eco-friendly, high-quality products meticulously crafted by skilled artisans under stringent ethical standards. This commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in their business module, revolving around ensuring a nurturing and healthy environment for all employees. Queen Bee supports environmental sustainability, and the dignity and well-being of its workforce. The brand is keen on building a cruelty-free apparel line and a cruelty-free work environment, highlighting its commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility.



Queen Bee's sustainable apparel stands out for its exceptional quality and distinctiveness, featuring premium fabrics and elegant silhouettes. The brand consistently introduces top-tier, eco-friendly apparel that align with the latest fashion trends. Their collection, versatile and extensive, offers a wide range of outfits tailored to women's daily wear needs.


The Button Down Denim Dress from Queen Bee, celebrated as the label's most sought-after and best-selling item, is now available in two shades on Refash. This dress highlights the brand's stylish creations for the modern wardrobe.

This sustainable collection boasts a variety of pieces including co-ords, dresses, and shorts sets, presented in a diverse colour palette and crafted from different fabrics. Each item is made with breathable, comfortable materials for easy wear and comfort. Explore the collection further by clicking on the images below to shop your favorite items.
Beyond its apparel line, the brand has transitioned to cloth bags for packaging, entirely eliminating the use of plastics. This eco-commitment is evident in every aspect of their responsible production practices. Offering an affordable range, Queen Bee makes sustainable fashion accessible to all shoppers.

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