Priyanka Raajiv: Transforming Luxury Through Sustainability


Priyanka Raajiv is a sustainable fashion label specialising in luxurious Indian couture. The brand integrates traditional Indian designs with exquisite Indian heritage fabrics, creating a unique blend of elegance and culture. Committed to reducing waste, the brand operates as a creative studio house that sources materials from post-production remnants, following circular principles. 

The label takes pride in having upcycled over 6,000 kg of waste fabric. Additionally, 900 sarees and garments have undergone transformation, giving them a second life while preserving the traditional essence. In a unique way of melding tradition and modernity, Priyanka Raajiv incorporates Indian heritage fabrics such as organic cotton, banarasi, chanderi, silk, and silk-cotton in its collections. These fabrics bring an authentic texture and depth to each garment.

The brand employs various garment construction techniques including embroidery, appliqué, patchwork, as well as traditional Indian embroidery methods like zardozi and chikankari. All these are executed with high-quality craftsmanship, tapping into the skills of local artisans. This sustainable label crafts luxurious designs with ethical practices, thereby redefining the landscape of Indian couture.


The label is part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a non-profit organisation that is firmly committed to building a circular economy. All garments are crafted within a design framework that adheres to a zero-waste approach and circular design principles. The brand utilises a variety of traditional patchwork and appliqué techniques, along with intricate design work in its zero-waste designs. 


By combining these elements, the label succeeds in creating upcycled designer pieces that use time-honoured techniques of traditional weaving. They represent a collective effort of repurposing garments. This vision is realised through skilled craftsmanship, artisanal designs, and ethically sourced materials while being responsible toward the planet through waste reduction methods.


Priyanka Raajiv's upcycled collection on Refash, features an exquisite range of artisanal blouses, vibrant dupattas adorned with intricate patchwork, luxurious lehengas crafted from rich textiles and patterns, comfortable co-ord sets, and elegant salwar suits. Each designer piece is skillfully upcycled from heritage fabrics, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.


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