'No More' of More: Zero-Waste Bags and Accessories


No More is a pioneering sustainable brand that creates a variety of upcycled bags and accessories using reclaimed, rescued, and landfill-bound materials. Co-founders Priyanka Parswani and Praveen Premkumar actively work with a vision for the environment in rescuing perfect materials that would otherwise be wasted, lying in already overflowing landfills. This visionary label uses pre- and post-consumer waste materials from various industries to craft a valuable range of high-quality, sustainable products. With the ethos of #NoMoreOfMore, which is dedicated to a movement against landfill accumulation and the rejection of discarded materials, it's a label for the people and the planet. Focused on responsible resource use, ethical production, and bringing together skilled artisans, No More re-destines and re-purposes discarded items with a circular approach.


Carrying forward their sustainable vision at No More, the detailed attention and value of resource usefulness are evident in their skilled and quality craftsmanship. They transform materials once considered waste into high-quality, durable bags and accessories. These unique creations are made from leftovers from garment manufacturers, unused car seat belts, reused billboards, and other production remnants, aiming to repurpose without leaving a trace of waste. The design and functionality of each product are precisely tailored for perfection in the making process, offering style and practical utility without compromising on quality or the planet's health. As unique as their products, No More has a tradition of turning any 'mini-landfills' created during their production process into adorable dog beds, ensuring that not even a tiny scrap is left behind.

The images below feature a visual representation of responsible use of resources with reclaimed materials like rescued car scraps and other leftover items mixed together and repurposed into creative, upcycled products. Given the extremely unique nature of the materials and innovative craftsmanship, no two products are the same.


No More pursues a true circular mission with their Lifetime Repair program and sustainable buyback program, ensuring that their products are used for as long as possible and do not end up in landfills. By tackling waste and the throwaway culture, No More creates products that are built for durability. Their dedicated circular business model and mindful approach strive to extend the lifecycle of each product and reduce environmental impact.


Explore the 'No More' upcycled collection featured on Refash, offering an exclusive range of durable, stylish bags designed for convenient everyday use. This collection includes a variety of bags such as bucket hats crafted from fabric remnants, trendy upcycled denim bags including carryalls and crossbody bags, and comfortable totes that can accommodate all your accessories. Each piece is hassle-free, fashionable, and most importantly, upcycled and sustainable. Click on the images below to shop these mindfully made upcycled bags, perfect for the conscious shopper looking for eco-friendly fashion alternatives.


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