Jaggery: Advocating for Climate and Equity through Bagtivism


Jaggery is a visionary brand committed to reimagining waste through 'Bagtivism'—a movement dedicated to reducing waste and fostering an ethical environment through upcycling. United by a collective of like-minded individuals, including Dr. Usha Malik, Gautam Malik, and Bhawna Dandona, the brand focuses on repurposing waste and creating sustainable products. Jaggery crafts upcycled bags from post-consumer waste, respecting resources and prolonging the lifespan of landfill-bound materials. The brand supports a circular and inclusive economy by creating employment for the underserved communities, enhancing skills, and building support systems. Jaggery represents climate and equity to encourage conscious consumption, striving to empower livelihoods through training, fair pay, and equal treatment. Jaggery is a brand that aspires to embody sustainable living and purposeful repurposing.


Jaggery Bags 'Bagtivism' stands for responsible consumption, voicing the importance of equality, and sustainable practices in manufacturing upcycled bags. This activism promotes a positive environmental impact, addressing climate change and aiding social equity through structured efforts with respect to resource use, create circular jobs, and produce eco-friendly products. Every step Jaggery takes is aimed at building an inclusive future, establishing a complete circular approach. The brand's thorough commitment extends with their meticulous efforts to improve every aspect of production, ensuring fairness and ethical practices while being mindful of its artisans and repurposing discarded resources to give them a second life.


At Jaggery, materials once destined for landfills are rebranded as 'hero' materials, given new purpose by the skilled hands of artisans. Working on a conscious design model, Jaggery crafts durable, high-quality products suitable for everyday use. These upcycled bags are made of unique, otherwise overlooked materials that contribute to the overflowing landfills and pose significant environmental challenges. By redefining the fate of discarded items, Jaggery upcycles them into eco-conscious accessories, changing the entire narrative from 'imperfect' landfill materials to valuable, purposeful resources. The materials used include end-of-life items such as car seat belts, decommissioned cargo lashing belts, military-grade canvases, and never-ending textile waste. These hero materials are repurposed through traditional craftsmanship by trained, highly skilled artisans from various parts of India. Jaggery's circular measures particularly support women artisans, empowering them to build sustainable livelihoods as enduring as the products they create, as a result contributing to a better environment.


This exquisite one-of-a-kind Jaggery upcycled collection on Refash, features handcrafted bags made from rescued and reclaimed 'hero' materials. This unique assortment includes tote bags crafted from recycled felts and salvaged car seat belts, the Noir Surplus Tote, constructed from upcycled ex-army tent tarpaulin, cargo belts, and leather. Additionally, the collection offers backpacks and laptop sleeves made from decommissioned airline belts and ex-army canvas. Below are some highlights from this responsible collection. Click on the images to shop from this meaningful lineup of upcycled products, created with respect towards people and the planet.

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