Ithika Studio: A Homegrown Sustainable Fashion Label


Ithika Studio is a sustainable fashion label based in Kolkata, founded by Siddhant Saraf. The name "Ithika" is derived from the Greek word signifying "ethical," shaping the very philosophy of the brand. The label stands for ethical practices, pioneering the values of handcrafted, homegrown, and pure while taking immense pride in its "Made in India" status.

Ithika offers a stunning collection of sustainable apparel, marked by minimalism and relaxed silhouettes. Naturally sourced materials from organic cotton and kala cotton to hemp and linen, lay the foundation for each sustainable piece. These timeless pieces align perfectly with the brand's ethical fashion principles, crafting a connection between tradition and modernity. 

The brand collaborates with local weavers and small-scale artisans, ensuring fair wages and respectful treatment, with ethically sourced materials from Indian weavers. This symbiotic relationship with local talent embodies the vision and values that bring Ithika's creations to life.


At Ithika Studio, hand-dyed yarns are exquisitely crafted using artisanal techniques that emphasise chemical-free and organic methods. Utilising natural dyes, skilled artisans produce a diverse palette of shades. The fabrics, either naturally dyed or treated with azo-free dyes, reflect Ithika's commitment to avoiding harsh chemicals.



The Ithika Studio collection on Refash showcases dedication to producing quality, sustainable, and long-lasting apparel with stylish designs. All materials are locally sourced from production waste, adhering to a zero-waste philosophy. The range includes monochrome shirts, chic dresses, and creative jumpsuits. Below are some featured highlights from the collection. Click on the images to shop.


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