Arvino: Crafting Affordable Luxury in Sustainable Jewellery


Arvino, a celebrated sustainable luxury jewellery brand, has its roots established since 1992 by Aravind Agarwal. Starting from a modest workshop in Jaipur, Aravind's exceptional craftsmanship quickly attracted a global clientele, enabling the brand to carve a niche in the creation of bespoke, luxurious pieces. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability, Arvino specialises in handcrafted, contemporary designs, using recycled metals to produce high-quality, affordable jewellery. From its inception, Arvino has been dedicated to offering luxurious, handcrafted jewellery with modern designs that are both beautiful and accessible, targeting the everyday woman. The brand bridges the gap between aspirational and achievable fashion, complementing the modern lifestyle with its collections that cater to the modern woman's needs.


Arvino stands by its sustainable promise, pledging to never burden the environment. This luxury jewellery brand works toward true ethical production, striving to maintain a sustainable manufacturing process that prioritises both the planet and its people. As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Arvino is at the forefront of ethical craftsmanship, with in-house waste treatment measures, ensuring responsible business practices. Beyond its environmental respect, Arvino is committed to building a healthy and safe work environment for its artisans. The brand has empowered and employed over 70 women, to make sure that the women behind Arvino are well-respected and provided with ample opportunities. As a brand dedicated to women, Arvino ensures that its ethical philosophy of respect and opportunity is reflected both in its products and in its practices.


Arvino's collection showcases intricate design and craftsmanship, characterised by a beautiful colour palette and contemporary designs suited for the modern world. The brand prides itself on its talented artisans and expert craftsmanship, ensuring each piece carefully crafted with modern aesthetics in mind. Their philosophy around responsibly recycled metals and upcycled stones, contributes to the creation of high-quality jewellery pieces. Arvino boldly claims its jewellery is crafted for individuals to confidently express their true selves. With a commitment to making affordable, quality jewellery, Arvino represents modern aesthetics, offering pieces that resonate with today's eco-conscious individuals.


Arvino's exquisite sustainable collection on Refash showcases a curated selection of stunning jewellery pieces with creative and intricate craftsmanship. This featured collection spans a range of durable, artisanal adornments such as elegant rings, enchanting charm bracelets, and breathtaking neckpieces, alongside unique pencil charms crafted from upcycled Lapis Lazuli Stone. The assortment also includes refined upcycled pearl charm necklace, and the entire collection is created from recycled metals and upcycled stones. Below are highlighted selections from the collection. Click on the images to explore and shop these eco-luxury pieces.


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