Back To Eco Concept Store

The concept:

Right in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, lies an eco-concept store called Back To Eco that represents circularity in fashion in its truest sense. It’s a dream space for upcylcers where you can find products like handbags, stationery, furniture and utility products all made from discarded denim. They also conduct different activities related to creative textile upcycling processes and reused denim such as workshops and events.

(Upcycled diary made from post-consumer jeans)

Back to Eco store was opened in 2018 by Nuria & Montse with the goal of reduction of textile waste and the extension of its' life by converting it into a new product for use. For them, waste does not exist. They believe that a material changes its original functionality and becomes a resource, giving rise to a new object. 

Everything you’ll find in the store is truly unique, original and is made locally, in a responsible way.
The materials used for the products are -
- Post consumer jeans received from Solidança, Catalonia
- Piñatex, substitute for leather made from the leaves of the pineapple
- Discarded safety belts

Highlights of the store - 


Majority of the pieces are hand made in their in-house workshop by the process of re-using discarded denim to extend its' life while maintaining the qualities of the original material. The products include bags, clothing, aprons, furniture, stationery and figures - all made with repurposed denim. The clothing is made in socio-labor integration workshops, or by hiring people at risk of social exclusion. They also stock products from other brands which share the same design philosophy as theirs.

(Back To Eco Concept Store)

Back To Eco offers their space for tailor-made workshops for small and large groups. They also conduct denim creativity workshops which focus on the transformation, repair and creative use of materials that already exist and how they can be repurposed.

They collect old jeans and for each pair of jeans donated to them, they provide a discount in their shop. There is also the possibility of ordering a Back To Eco product to be made with your own jeans.

Back to Eco has sold more than 5,000 products made from the re-manufacturing of post-consumer jeans.

9500 kilograms of discarded jeans have been received from the social entity Solidança, of which 45% has been reused, becoming new Back To Eco products.


Back To Eco seeks to close the circle, and incorporate the criteria of circular economy at all stages of its products and hence provides repair and customisation of old jeans to extend their life cycle.

The textile waste and the post-consumer jeans which are not suitable for upcycling are converted into new yarns produced locally. This project, INFINITDENIM started with 1,200 kilos of post consumer denim so that they could be rescued and converted into new sustainable fabrics.  

(Excess from the production of upcycled products gets converted into new yarns)

Our take on the store -

Back To Eco is not just a store, its a space that represents a lifestyle of conscious consumption through its' range of products and services created by repurposing denim fabric. Its a haven of inspiration for young designers as well as conscious consumers in a world where fast fashion dominates the retail market.

For anyone in and around Barcelona, this store is a must visit!


You can check their website here.

Find them on Instagram here.

Photo Credit: Back to Eco


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