6 Bags That Can Fit Your Day

We can all agree that plastic is the ultimate enemy, but this Plastic-Free July, here’s what you should know each time you opt for a single-use bag that holds your groceries. The utility of this bag is an average of only twenty-five minutes, but it’s lifespan could span up to five hundred years. One million plastic-bags are used every minute by the human population, and if that doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, there’s no shying away from the fact that it isn’t doing much for your fashion game. 

Aside from the atrocious visible impact in the natural world, single-use plastic may be more damaging than we account for. The ‘use and throw’ mentality it enforces with every indolent decision has led to the normalisation of an excessive lifestyle. The simplest way to combat a habit is to replace it with a positive one. 

Meet out trusty Totes that will take you from work to errands to coffee catch-ups. Think of them as beautiful catch-alls for the discerning eye of the conscious shopper. It starts (quite literally) at home.

The Phoebe
The focal point of your look, this reversible hobo bag is made with colourful fabric scraps and wooden handles for a relaxed afternoon out.

Zero Waste Scarf Bag


The Straightforward
Representing equal love with a quirky geometrical heart, this straight-shooter is as functional as it is versatile. Whether it’s the gym or a quick shopping trip, you’ll never have your hands full. 

Equal Love Black Tote Bag


The Jeans-okay
A classic denim-on-denim, but on your arm. Frayed edges add character to this multi-purpose companion with the familiar comfort of your favourite worn-in jeans.

Shaded Frayed Tote bag


The ‘Pretty’ Practical
Crafted from pre-loved saris brought to life with contrasting elements of print and texture. Wear this bag with all white and embroidered juttis for a picnic in the sun.


Embellished Tote Bag - Turquoise



The Beach Bum
Cute bag? Check. Beach day essentials? Check. A great option for loungey shack-days that turn into nights. Speedy touch-ups and street shopping made easy.

Pink and Cream Printed Tote


An ancient Rajasthani printing technique is modernised in this sophisticated silhouette. A bag that will carry your 9 to 5 and some. Straight to happy hour!

Ret Long Tote

Which one will you pick this #PlasticFreeJuly?


Feature Credit - Simran Khera

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