Customisation Service

We want to help upcycle as many pieces of fashion as we can so that nothing ends up in a landfill.

Do you have a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that doesn't spark joy anymore?

What if we told you that instead of discarding it, we could help you upcycle it into something new? That’s right, based on the piece you want upcycled, we’ll work with one of our brands to convert your old top, dress, sari or anything else, into a new one-of-a-kind piece! Sounds amazing right?

Just fill the form below and allow us to surprise you :)

How it works and what it costs:

Depending on what you want upcycled and what you want it upcycled into, we’ll work with our directory of brands to find the right match for the job. There will be a cost involved for this customisation service. But before we get the piece shipped from you, we’ll be in touch to discuss the final cost. Once you agree, we’ll get the piece shipped from you to the designer, customised and shipped back.